William Howard Doane

3 February 1832–24 December 1915

William Howard Doane, from Ira Sankey, My Life and the Story of the Gospel Hymns (Philadelphia: Sunday School Times, 1906).

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Collections of Hymns & Tunes:

Sabbath Gems (1861)*
The Little Sunbeam (1867): PDF
Silver Spray (1868): PDF
Songs of Devotion (1870): PDF
Pure Gold (1871): PDF
New Sacred Songs (1872): Hymnary
Royal Diadem (1873): PDF
Temple Anthems (1873): PDF
The Tidal Wave (1874): PDF
Brightest and Best (1875): PDF
Gospel Music (1876): PDF
Fountain of Song (1877): WorldCat
Welcome Tidings (1877): PDF
Chautauqua Carols (1878): PDF
New Gospel Music (1878): WorldCat
Gospel Hymn and Tune Book (1879): PDF
Hymn Service for the Sunday School (1879): PDF
Hymn Service No. 2 (1880): WorldCat
Good as Gold (1880): PDF
Hymn Service No. 3 (1881): WorldCat
Our Glad Hosanna (1882): PDF
The Baptist Hymnal (1883): PDF / Rev. (1902): PDF
Silver Carols (1883): WorldCat
Joyful Lays (1884): PDF
The Glad Refrain (1886): PDF
Select Gems (1889): PDF
The Bright Array (1889): PDF
Sunny-side Songs for Sunday Schools (1893): PDF
Songs of the Kingdom (1896): PDF
Notes of Gladness (1899): WorldCat
Sacred Songs for the Baptist Young People’s Union 10th International Convention (1900): WorldCat
Devotional Songs (1903): PDF
Glorious Praise (1904): PDF
Jubilant Voices (1905): PDF
Precious Jewels of Sacred Song (1905): WorldCat
Song Evangel (1906): WorldCat

*Burrage (1888) reported that Doane’s first collection was Sabbath Gems (1861), but this collection could not be located, and it seems from the preface to Silver Spray (1868) that Doane’s first collection was The Little Sunbeam (1867); the preface of Sunny-side Songs (1893) reported Doane had been “actively engaged with the Song Service in the Sunday School … for more than 25 years,” which puts the genesis of his publishing career at 1867/8, so Burrage was likely in error, although such an error is strange given Doane was still alive when Burrage wrote his bio.

The list above does not include sheet music or cantatas. For more, see www.worldcat.org


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