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Chris Fenner, Editor
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The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
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We gladly accept submissions of high-caliber scholarship. Articles for individual hymns generally follow a common structure:

Text origins. Background, authorship, and sources.
Text development. If applicable, trace key corrections, additions, and variants.
Text translations. If applicable, describe relevant translations.
Text analysis. Discuss theology, poetry, scriptural allusions as appropriate.
Tunes. Give relevant tunes, with authorship, source history, and major variants.
Bibliography. Provide any relevant sources, even ones that aren't quoted directly in your article.

Whenever possible, interact directly with primary sources. Describe what can be learned from examining the original sources.

Need help obtaining sources? The editor may already have them or know how to find them. 

Contributors wishing to submit author data pages should try to include the following material:

Collections of hymns. Where were this author’s hymns originally published?
Collected works. If applicable. 
Manuscripts. Locations of MS collections, if applicable.
Journal Articles
Related Links.

Please note:

1. We generally will not be able to accept quotations, citations, or bibliography from popular collections of hymn stories, unless the relevant story can be verified against another source.

2. We cannot accept or use any portrait images without some form of provenance. Whenever possible, portraits on this site are scanned in high resolution from printed sources.