Philip P. Bliss

9 July 1838–29 December 1876


Philip P. Bliss, engraved by B.B. Hall & Sons, NY, in Memoirs of Philip P. Bliss (1877).

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Collections of Hymns:

The Song Messenger (1864-1870): WorldCat
The Prize (1870): PDF
The Charm (1871): PDF
The Song Tree (1872): WorldCat
The Joy (1873): HathiTrust
Sunshine for Sunday-Schools (1873): PDF
Gospel Songs (1874): PDF
Words of Life (paper, 1874)
Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs (1875): PDF
The International Lesson Monthly (1875): WorldCat
Gospel Hymns, No. 2 (1876): PDF
Gospel Hymns, No. 3 (1878): PDF
Gospel Hymns, No. 4 (1881): PDF

Life & Works:

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