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General Hymnology Texts

William Reynolds, David Music, and Milburn Price, A Survey of Christian Hymnody, 5th ed. (Carol Stream, IL: Hope Pub. Co., 2010): WorldCat | Amazon

Paul Westermeyer, Let the People Sing: Hymn Tunes in Perspective (Chicago: GIA, 2005): WorldCat | Amazon

Erik Routley and Paul Richardson, A Panorama of Christian Hymnody (Chicago: GIA, 2005): WorldCat | Amazon

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J.R. Watson, The English Hymn (Oxford: University Press, 1997): Amazon

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Louis Benson, Studies of Familiar Hymns, Second Series (1923)

Louis Benson, Studies of Familiar Hymns (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1903): PDF

Louis Benson, The English Hymn: Its Development and Use in Worship (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1915): PDF

John Julian, A Dictionary of Hymnology (London, J. Murray, 1892; with appdx., 1907): Google

Duncan Campbell, Hymns and Hymn Makers (London: A.C. Black, 1898):

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Edwin Long, Illustrated History of Hymns and Their Authors (Philadelphia: J.L. Landis, 1875):

John Gadsby, Memoirs of the Principal Hymn-Writers & Compilers of the 17th, 18th, & 19th Centuries, 4th ed. (London, 1870): HathiTrust

Josiah Miller, Singers and Songs of the Church, 2nd ed. (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1869):


Hymnals with Companions

Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal (2013)
Glory to God: A Companion (2016)

Lift Up Your Hearts (CRC/RCA, 2013)
Companion materials are on

Worship, 4th ed. (Catholic, 2011)
Companion to Worship, 3rd ed. (1986)

Lutheran Service Book (2006)
Companion to LSB (pending fall 2019)

Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006)
Companion to ELW (2010)

Praise! Psalms, Hymns & Songs (2000)
Exploring Praise! (2006-2007)

Church Hymnal of Ireland (2000)
Companion to Church Hymnal (2005)

New Century Hymnal (1995)
New Century Hymnal Companion (1998)

The Baptist Hymnal (1991)
Handbook to the Baptist Hymnal (1992)

Presbyterian Hymnal (1990)
Presbyterian Hymnal Companion (1993)

The Worshiping Church (1990)
Worship Leaders’ Edition (1991)
Companion to The Worshiping Church (1993)

United Methodist Hymnal (1989)
Companion to UMH (1993)

Psalter Hymnal (1987)
Psalter Hymnal Handbook (1998)

Worship, 3rd Ed. (Catholic, 1986)
Hymnal Companion to Worship (1998)

The Hymnal 1982 (Episcopal, 1985)
The Hymnal 1982 Companion (1994)

Hymns & Psalms (Methodist, 1983)
Companion to Hymns & Psalms (1988)

Lutheran Book of Worship (1978)
Hymnal Companion to the LBW (1981)

Baptist Hymnal (1975)
Companion to Baptist Hymnal (1976)

Mennonite Hymnal (1969)
Exploring the Mennonite Hymnal (1983)

Methodist Hymnal (1966)
Companion to the Hymnal (1970)

Crusade Hymns (1966)
Crusade Hymn Stories (1967)

Baptist Hymn Book (1962)
Baptist Hymn Book Companion (1967)

Baptist Hymnal (1956)
Hymns of Our Faith (1964)

Mennonite Hymnary (1940)
Handbook to the Mennonite Hymnary (1949)

Congregational Praise (1951)
Companion to Congregational Praise (1953)

Hymns Ancient & Modern (1950)
Historical Companion to Hymns A&M (1962)

The Hymnal 1940 (Episcopal, 1943)
Hymnal 1940 Companion, 3rd rev. ed. (1956)

Lutheran Hymnal (1941)
Lutheran Hymnal Handbook (1942)

Methodist Hymnal (1935)
Our Hymnody: A Manual, 2nd ed. (1942)

Baptist Church Hymnal (1933)
Handbook to the Baptist Church Hymnal (1935)
A Companion to the Baptist Church Hymnal (1953)

Methodist Hymn Book (1933)
Methodist Hymn Book Illustrated (1934)
Music of the Methodist Hymn Book (1935)

The Hymnal (Presbyterian, 1933)
Handbook to the Hymnal (1936)

Songs of Praise Enlarged (1931)
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)

Standard Church Hymns and Gospel Songs (1930)
Hymnal Handbook for Standard Hymns (1931)

The Church Hymnary (1927)
Handbook to the Church Hymnary, with Suppl. (1935)

Church Hymnal (Ireland, 1919)
The Church’s Song: A Companion, 2nd ed. (1920)

Methodist Hymnal (1905)
Hymns and Hymn Writers of the Church (1911):

Hymns Ancient & Modern (1904)
Hymns Ancient & Modern Historical Edition (1909): HathiTrust

The Church Hymnary (1898)
The Hymns and Hymn Writers of the CH, with Suppl. (1911):
The Music of the Church Hymnary (1901):

Gospel Hymns, Nos. 1-6 (1895)
Sing Glory and Hallelujah! (1996)

Church Hymnal, with Appendix (Ireland, 1891)
Large-print editions contain a Biographical Index:
The Church’s Song: A Companion (1908)

Scottish Hymnal (1886)
Scottish Church Music (1891):

Hymns Ancient & Modern (1889)
Historical Companion, 2nd ed. (1903):

Laudes Domini (1884), New Laudes Domini (1892)
Annotations upon Popular Hymns (1893):

Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1878)
Hymn Studies: An Illustr. and Ann. Ed, 3rd ed. (1897):

Our Hymns and Their Authors (1892):

Hymnal According to the Protestant Episcopal Church (1871)
Annotations of the Hymnal (1872):

Hymns Ancient & Modern (1861)
Annotated by Louis Biggs (1867): PDF

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