Robert Lowry

12 March 1826–25 November 1899


Robert Lowry, in George Stebbins, Remembrances and Gospel Hymn Stories (NY: George H. Doran, 1924).

Featured Hymns & Tunes:

Shall we gather at the river


Collections of Hymns:

Baptismal Harmonies (ed. Edmund Turney, 1862): PDF
Choral Harp (ed. Horace Waters, 1863): PDF
Happy Voices (American Tract Society, 1865): PDF
The New Golden Shower (ed. William Bradbury, 1866): PDF
The Victory (ed. Chester Allen & William Sherwin, 1869): PDF

Chapel Melodies (1868): PDF
Bright Jewels (1869): PDF
Pure Gold (1871): PDF
Royal Diadem (1873): PDF
Temple Anthems (1873): PDF
The Tidal Wave (1874): PDF
Brightest and Best (1875): PDF
Gospel Music (1876): PDF
Fountain of Song (1877): WorldCat
Welcome Tidings (1877): PDF
Chautauqua Carols (1878): PDF
Gospel Hymn and Tune Book (1879): PDF
Hymn Service for the Sunday School (1879): PDF
Good as Gold (1880): PDF
Hymn Service No. 2 (1881): WorldCat
The Advent Night (1881): WorldCat
Hymn Service No. 3 (1882): WorldCat
Our Glad Hosanna (1882): PDF
The Risen Jesus (1882): WorldCat
Glory to God (1882): WorldCat
The Gates of Day (1883): WorldCat
The Holy Child (1883): WorldCat
Joyful Lays (1884): PDF
Early in the Morning (1884): WorldCat
Star of Promise (1884): WorldCat
King of Glory (1885): WorldCat
The Prince of Peace (1885): WorldCat
The Prince of Life (1885) ?
The Promised One (1886): WorldCat
The Glad Refrain (1886): PDF
Captivity Captive (1886): WorldCat
The True Light (1887) ?
The Resurrection (1887): WorldCat
Christ Triumphant (1887): WorldCat
Day of Joy (1888) ?
The Royal Son (1888): WorldCat
The Third Day (1889): WorldCat
Select Gems (1889): PDF
The Bright Array (1889): PDF
The Child of Bethlehem (1890): WorldCat
Christ Exalted (1891) ?
The Lord’s Anointed (1891) ?
Prince and Savior (1892) ?
King of Nations (1892): WorldCat
King Eternal (1893) ? 
Our Savior King (1893) ? 
Glorious Morning (1894) ?
A Service of Scripture and Song for Eastertide (1897) ?
The King Immanuel (1897) ?
Royal Hymnal (1898): PDF

List of works adapted from Roger W. Walworth (1994).

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