Lowell Mason

8 January 1792–11 August 1872


Lowell Mason, ca. 1840, engraving by H. Wright Smith, Boston Public Library.

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Note: This list only includes first editions, except where noted. For a more detailed list of editions, see Carol A. Pemberton, Lowell Mason: A Bio-Bibliography (1988). For an index of his tunes and their publications, see Henry L. Mason, Hymn-Tunes of Lowell Mason: A Bibliography (1944).

The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Church Music (1822; 2nd ed., 1823: PDF)
Select Chants, Doxologies (1824 | WorldCat)
Choral Harmony (1830: PDF)
Church Psalmody (text-only, 1831: PDF)
Spiritual Songs for Social Worship

1831 (PDF): vol. 1 | vol. 2 | vol. 3 | vol. 4
1832 (PDF)
1833 (PDF)
1837 (PDF)

The Choir, or Union Collection (1832; 2nd ed., 1833: PDF)
Lyra Sacra (1832: PDF)
Sacred Melodies (1833 | WorldCat)
The Boston Collection of Anthems (1834 | WorldCat)
The Sacred Harp, or Eclectic Harmony (1834; rev. ed. 1835: PDF)
Sentences, or Short Anthems, Hymn Tunes, and Chants (1834 | WorldCat)
The Boston Academy's Collection of Church Music (1835; 3rd ed., 1835: PDF)
Occasional Psalm and Hymn Tunes (1836: PDF)
The Seraph: A Monthly Publication of Church Music (1838-1840: PDF)
The Boston Anthem Book (1839: PDF)
The Modern Psalmist (1839: PDF)
Carmina Sacra (1841: PDF)
The Harp (1841)
The Sacred Harp, or Beauties of Sacred Music

Volume 1 (1841: PDF)
Volume 2 (1841? | WorldCat)

Book of Chants (1842: PDF)
Chapel Hymns (1842: PDF)
Musical Service of the Protestant Episcopal Church (1843 | WorldCat)
Songs of Asaph (1843: PDF)
The Psaltery (1845: PDF)
The Choralist (1847 | WorldCat)
The Congregational Tune Book (1848: PDF)
The National Psalmist (1848: PDF)
Fifty-Nine Select Psalm and Hymn Tunes (1849 | WorldCat)
The Hymnist (1849-1850 | WorldCat)
Cantica Laudis (1850: PDF)
The New Carmina Sacra (1850: PDF)
Mason's Hand-book of Psalmody (1852 | WorldCat)
Congregational Church Music (1853-1854 | I. WorldCat | II. WorldCat)
The Hallelujah (1854: PDF)
The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book (1859: PDF)
The People's Tune Book (1860 | WorldCat)
The New Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book (1866: PDF)
The New Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: Baptist Ed. (1867: PDF)
Carmina Sacra Enlarged: The American Tune Book (1869: PDF)
Congregational Church Music (1869 | WorldCat)

For children:

The Juvenile Psalmist (1829: PDF)
The Juvenile Lyre (1831: PDF (1832))
Sabbath School Songs (1833: PDF (1841))
The Sabbath School Harp (1836: PDF)
The Juvenile Songster (1837: PDF)
Juvenile Music (1839: PDF)
Little Songs for Little Singers (1840: PDF)
The Boston School Song Book (1841: PDF)
The American Sabbath School Singing Book (1843: PDF)
The Primary School Song Book (1846: PDF)
The Song-Book of the School Room (1847: PDF)
The Song Garden (1864-1866)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF
Volume 3: PDF


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Life & Works:

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