William Bradbury

6 October 1816–7 January 1868


William Bradbury, from The Victory (NY: Biglow & Main, 1869).

Featured Hymns & Tunes:


Collections of Hymns and Tunes:

The Young Choir (1841): PDF
The School Singer (1842): PDF
The Psalmodist (1844): Google Books
The Social Singing Book (1844): WorldCat
The Young Melodist (1845): WorldCat
The New York Choralist (1847): Google Books
The Sacred Choralist (1847): WorldCat
The Mendelssohn Collection (1849): WorldCat
Congregational Harmony (1849): WorldCat
Musical Gems (1849): PDF
Sabbath School Melodies (1850): WorldCat
Psalmista, or Choir Melodies (1851): Google Books
The Shawm: A Library of Church Music (1853): PDF
The Singing Book for Boys’ and Girls’ Meetings (1854): PDF
Young Shawm (1855): PDF
The Jubilee (1857): PDF
Sabbath School Choir (1857): WorldCat
Cottage Melodies (1859): PDF
Oriola (1859): PDF / Enlarged (1862): PDF
The Golden Chain (1859): PDF
Orio: All the Sunday-School Hymns from Oriola (1860): WorldCat
Bradbury’s Anthem Book (1860): WorldCat
The Eclectic Tune Book (1860): PDF
The Carol (1861): PDF
The Golden Shower (1862): PDF
The Key-Note (ca. 1863): PDF
Pilgrims’ Songs (1863): PDF
The Golden Censer (1864): PDF
Bradbury’s Golden Trio (1864): WorldCat
The Devotional Hymn and Tune Book (1864): PDF
The Plymouth Sabbath School Collection (1865): PDF
Praises of Jesus (1865): PDF
The New Golden Chain (1866): PDF
The New Golden Shower (1866): PDF
The New Golden Trio (1866): HathiTrust
Songs of Praise for Sabbath Schools (1866; rev. 1870): WorldCat
Golden Hymns (1866): WorldCat
Fresh Laurels (1867): PDF
The Clariona (1867): PDF
Temperance Chimes (1867): PDF
The Temple Choir (1867): PDF
Chapel Melodies (1868): PDF
Bright Jewels for the Sunday School (1869): PDF
Laurels and Jewels for the Sunday School (1869): WorldCat
The Victory (1869): PDF
New Praises of Jesus (1869): PDF
New Golden Censer (1870): PDF
Sunday School Hymns (1870): WorldCat
The Bradbury Trio: Comprising the New Golden Chain, New Golden Shower, and New Golden Censer (1870): PDF

This list is adapted from Wingard (1973), generally omitting collections of predominantly secular or non-hymnic music.


William B. Bradbury Collection, Library of Congress:

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