Thomas Hastings

15 October 1784–15 May 1872

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Musica Sacra

1st ed. (1815): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1816): WorldCat
Rev. ed. (1818):
2nd rev. ed. (1819):
3rd rev. ed. (1822):
4th rev. ed. (1823):
5th rev. ed. (1825): WorldCat
6th rev. ed. (1827):
7th rev. ed. (1828): HathiTrust
8th rev. ed. (1829):
9th rev. ed. (1831): WorldCat
10th rev. ed. (1835): WorldCat

Juvenile Psalmody (1827): WorldCat

Spiritual Songs for Social Worship

1831: vol. 1 | vol. 2 | vol. 3 | vol. 4
1832 (PDF)
1833 (PDF)
1837 (PDF)

The Mother’s Hymn Book

1st ed. (1834):
New ed., rev. & enl. (1849): PDF
3rd ed. (1859):

The Union Minstrel (1834): PDF

Mother’s Nursery Songs

1st ed. (1835):
New ed., rev. & enl. (1848):

The Christian Psalmist (1836):
The Manhattan Collection (1837):
Musical Miscellany, vols. 1 & 2 (1836):

The Sacred Lyre (1840): WorldCat
Sacred Songs for Family and Social Worship

1st ed. (1842):
Rev. & Enl. (1855):

The Psalmodist (1844): Google Books
Indian Melodies (1845):
The New York Choralist (1847): Google Books
The Crystal Fount (1847):
The Sunday School Lyre (1847): WorldCat
The Sacred Choralist (1847): WorldCat
The Mendelssohn Collection (1849): WorldCat
Congregational Harmony (1849): WorldCat
Devotional Hymns and Religious Poems (1850):
Songs of Zion (1851) ? : WorldCat
Psalmista, or Choir Melodies (1851): Google Books
The Presbyterian Psalmodist (1852):
The Shawm: A Library of Church Music (1853): PDF
Sabbath School Songs (1853): WorldCat
Selah: A Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (1856):
The Presbyterian Juvenile Psalmodist (1856):
Church Melodies (1858):
Hastings’s Church Music (1860):
Introits, or Short Anthems and Hymn Set Pieces (1865): WorldCat

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The Sabbath School Singing Book (1843): WorldCat

Additional hymns, adopted by the General Synod of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in North America (1846): WorldCat

Psalms & Hymns (Dutch Reformed, 1847):

Charles Robinson, Songs of the Church (1862):

Charles Robinson, Songs for the Sanctuary (1865):

Lyra Sacra Americana (1868):

Edwin Hatfield, Church Hymn Book (1872):

Other Works by Hastings:

The Musical Reader (1819):

A New and Improved Violin Preceptor (1822): WorldCat

Flute Melodies (1822): WorldCat

Dissertation on Musical Taste 

1st ed. (1822):
2nd ed. (1853):

Western Recorder (1824-1832): WorldCat

The Musical Magazine (1835-1837): WorldCat

Anthems, Motets, Sentences, Choruses, Trios, Duets, Solos, and Pieces for Miscellaneous Practice (NY Academy, 1836): WorldCat

Elements of Vocal Music (1839): WorldCat

“Sacred Music: source of the prevailing abuses in cultivation, and the only practical remedy,” The American Biblical Repository, Second Series (1844):

The Chorus Glee Book (1851): HathiTrust

The History of Forty Choirs (1854):

Sacred Praise: An Earnest Appeal to Christian Worshipers (1856): HathiTrust


Thomas Samuel Hastings Papers, Burke Library Archives, Union Theological Seminary:

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Thomas Hastings,