Ada Habershon

8 January 1861–1 February 1918

Ada Habershon, in Charles M. Alexander: A Romance of Song and Soul-Winning (London: Marshall, 1922).

 Featured Hymns:

He will hold me fast

Collections of Hymns and Poems:

For her collaborations with Charles Alexander and Robert Harkness, see the bibliography for Alexander.

Twelve Sacred Songs (London, 1907): WorldCat

I Am a Prayer and Other Poems (ca. 1907): HathiTrust

Things Concerning Himself: Sacred Songs and Bible Studies (NY, 1910):

Other Published Works:

The Study of the Types

1st ed. (ca. 1898): WorldCat
Enlarged ed. (1914): WorldCat

The Study of the Parables 

1st edition (1904): WorldCat
2nd edition (1905): WorldCat
3rd edition (1905): WorldCat
4th edition (ca. 1910): WorldCat
5th edition (1915): WorldCat
6th edition (1923): WorldCat

Outline Studies of the Tabernacle (1907): WorldCat
The Message of the Tabernacle
(1907): WorldCat
The Priests and Levites, A Type of the Church (ca. 1908): WorldCat
The Bible and the British Museum (1909):
The New Testament Names and Titles of the Lord of Glory (1910): WorldCat
The Study of the Miracles (1911): WorldCat
Exploring in New Testament Fields (1912)
The Strong Man Spoiled (ca. 1912): WorldCat
A Sevenfold Method of Studying the Epistles to the Seven Churches (1914): WorldCat
Hidden Pictures or, How the New Testament is Concealed in the Old Testament (1915): WorldCat
The Day of Atonement in Its Prophetic Aspect (1916): WorldCat
Israel’s Exodus, Past and Future (1917): HathiTrust
The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews (n.d.): WorldCat
Satan’s Devices (n.d.): WorldCat

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Ada R. Habershon,