Ada Habershon

8 January 1861–1 February 1918

I had the pleasure of being entertained for some weeks in the home of Miss Ada Habershon, the author of many beautiful hymns—among which are “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” set to music by Charles H. Gabriel, and “Oh, What a Change!” the music by Robert Harkness.

Miss Habershon sang with me frequently during those weeks. Up to that time she neither had at­tempted to write hymns nor to give attention to the special Bible work that in later years brought her into prominence. During the Torrey and Alexander Mission in London Mr. Alexander discovered her ability as a writer of gospel hymns and arranged with her to write for him exclusively, which arrangement continued until her death, a few years prior to his own passing.

by George C. Stebbins
Reminiscences and Gospel Hymn Stories (1924)

Ada Habershon, in Charles M. Alexander: A Romance of Song and Soul-Winning (London: Marshall, 1922).

 Featured Hymns:

He will hold me fast

Collections of Hymns and Poems:

For her collaborations with Charles Alexander and Robert Harkness, see the bibliography for Alexander.

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