Charles M. Alexander

24 October 1867–13 October 1920

Charles M. Alexander, in George T.B. Davis, Twice Around the World with Alexander, Prince of Gospel Singers (NY: The Christian Herald, 1907).

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He will hold me fast [compiler]

Collections of Hymns:

Alexander’s Revival Songs (Melbourne, ca. 1902): WorldCat | WorldCat

Alexander’s Revival Hymns (London, ca. 1903-1905): WorldCat

Alexander’s Revival Hymns No. 3 (NY, 1908): WorldCat

Alexander’s New Revival Hymns

(London, ca. 1903-1905): PDF
(Philadelphia, 1907): WorldCat

Alexander’s New Revival Hymns No. 2 (London, 1907): WorldCat

Revival Hymns (Chicago, 1905): PDF

Alexander’s Hymns

No. 1 (NY, 1909): | WorldCat
No. 2 —

with Standard Hymns (London, n.d.): WorldCat
with special suppl. for R.A. Torrey (London, n.d.): WorldCat
Canadian Ed., Songs of Evangelism, with 169-186 (Toronto, n.d.): HathiTrust
British Ed. with New Suppl. (Toronto, n.d.):
South African ed. (Cape Town, n.d.): WorldCat

No. 3 —

Blue Mountain Ed. (1915): PDF
(New York, 1915):
with Supplement (London, n.d.): WorldCat
with Recent Hymns (London, n.d.): WorldCat

No. 4 (Philadelphia, ca. 1921):

Alexander’s Gospel Songs

No. 1 (NY, 1908):
No. 2 (NY, 1910):
No. 8 (NY, 1908?):

Alexander’s Gospel Hymn Book

No. 1 —

(Melbourne, n.d.): WorldCat
Enlarged, with music (Melbourne, 1909): WorldCat
Enlarged, words only (Melbourne, 1909): WorldCat

No. 2 (NY/London): WorldCat
No. 3 (NY): WorldCat

Alexander’s Songs of the Gospel [Nos. 1-3] (NY, ca. 1909): WorldCat

A Gospel Song Souvenir (Melbourne, ca. 1909): WorldCat

Northfield Hymnal

No. 1, ed. George Stebbins (Chicago, 1904): PDF
with Alexander’s Supplement (Chicago, 1907): WorldCat
No. 2, Moody/Alexander (NY, 1916):
No. 3, Moody/Alexander (Northfield, 1918):
No. 4, ed. M.W. Moody (Northfield, 1927): WorldCat

Songs for the Service of Christ (NY, 1910): WorldCat

Work and Worship (NY, 1910): WorldCat

Salvation Songs (NY, 1910): WorldCat

New Gospel Hymns (NY, 1911): WorldCat

Alexander’s Male Choir (NY/London, 1912):

Alexander’s Gospel Solos (NY, 1910): WorldCat

Immanuel’s Praise (Richmond, VA, 1914): WorldCat

Montreat Hymns (Montreat, NC, 1916):

Songs of the Assembly, No. 1 (NY, 1916):

Alexander’s Gospel Songs and Solos (Philadelphia, 1917): WorldCat

Conference Hymnal (Philadelphia, 1917): PDF

Foundation Hymns (Philadelphia, 1919): PDF

Hymnal of the Baltimore Conference on Christian Fundamentals (Baltimore, 1919): WorldCat

[National Baptist Convention Hymnal (Pittsburgh, 1919):]

Victorious Life Hymns (Philadelphia, 1919):

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