Hymns Ancient & Modern


Trial/Draft (1859): PDF
1st Edition (1861): PDF
Annotated by Louis Biggs (1867): PDF
with Appendix (1868): PDF
2nd Edition (1875): PDF
with Supplement (1889): PDF
Historical Companion (1889): PDF | 2nd ed. (1903): Archive.org
New and Revised Edition (1904): HathiTrust
Old Edition (1906): HathiTrust
Historical Edition (1909): HathiTrust
Complete Edition (with Second Supplement, 1916): HathiTrust
Standard Edition (1922): WorldCat
Shortened Edition (1939): WorldCat
Revised Edition (1950): WorldCat
Historical Companion (1962): WorldCat
100 Hymns for Today (1969): WorldCat
More Hymns for Today (1980): WorldCat
New Standard Edition (1983): WorldCat
Common Praise (2000): WorldCat
Sing Praise (2010): WorldCat
Ancient & Modern (2013): WorldCat


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