John Stainer (1840-1901)


John Stainer, from The Musical Times, 1 May 1901, p. 298.

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Publications of Hymns & Tunes:

Edited/Composed by Stainer:

Christmas Carols New and Old

1st series (Nos. 1-20, pp. 1-45, 1868): PDF
2nd series (Nos. 21-42, pp. 46-91, 1870): WorldCat
1st & 2nd series, illustrated (Nos. 1-42, 91 pp., 1871): PDF
3rd series (Nos. 43-70, pp. 92-180, 1878): WorldCat
Complete ed. (Nos. 1-70, 1879): PDF

The Cathedral Psalter (1874): PDF
The Crucifixion (1887): HathiTrust
Holy Gladness (1889): WorldCat
The Cathedral Prayer Book (1891): WorldCat
The Church Hymnary (1898): PDF
The Order for the Burial of the Dead (1900): WorldCat
Hymn Tunes (1900): PDF
Let God Arise: Hymn for Use in Time of War (1900): WorldCat
Father, Forgive: Hymn for Use in Time of War (1900): WorldCat
A Manual of Plainsong (1902): PDF

Edited by others:

Hymns for the Church of England (1862 / 1865): WorldCat / WorldCat
Sarum Hymnal (1868): PDF
Hymns Ancient & Modern

with Appendix (1868): PDF
2nd ed. (1875): PDF
with Supplement (1889): PDF
Historical Companion (1889): PDF

The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer (1870): PDF
The Hymnary (ed. Joseph Barnby, 1870): PDF
Supplemental Hymn Tune Book (1871): PDF (4th ed)
The Service Book with the Music to be Used at the Choral Festival of the Nottinghamshire Church Choral Union (1870-1891): WorldCat

Church Hymns with Tunes, ed. Arthur Sullivan (1874): PDF
New Mitre Hymnal (1875): PDF
An Order of Service for a Festival of Parish Choirs (1875): WorldCat
Carols for Use in Church During Christmas and Epiphany (ed. R.R. Chope, 1875): PDF
The Song of Praise, or Psalm and Hymn Tunes (1875): WorldCat
The Sunlight of Song (1875): PDF
The Child’s Book of Praise . . . with Accompanying Tunes (ed. C.A. Barry, 1879): WorldCat
Psalms and Hymns for the Church (ed. William Irons, 1883): PDF
Westminster Abbey Hymn Book (ed. John Troutbeck, 1883): PDF
Home Hymn-Book (ed. Edwin Moss, ca. 1885): WorldCat
Congregational Church Hymnal (ed. George Barrett, 1887)

Part 1: PDF
Part 2: PDF

The Church Monthly (London, 1888-): WorldCat
Congregational Mission Hymnal (ed. George Barrett, 1890): PDF
Day School Hymn Book, (ed. Emma Mundella, 1890): WorldCat
An Order of Service for Children (ed. Bertrand Bouverie)

1st ed. (1884): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1891): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1894): PDF

Novello’s School Songs (periodical, ca. 1892-1900): WorldCat
Richmond and Kingston District Church Choral Association (1892): WorldCat
A Christmas Service of Song (1893): WorldCat
Harvest Festival Book (1894): WorldCat
An Easter Service of Song (1896): WorldCat
College Hymnal ? (1897): PDF
The Children’s Supplement (ed. Edward Handley, 1897): WorldCat
A Flower Service for Children (1890): WorldCat / (1898) WorldCat
Hymn Tunes for the Use of Rugby School (1898): WorldCat
Church Missionary Hymn Book (1899): PDF
Norwich Diocesan Missionary and Colonial Exhibitions, Bi-Centenary (1900): WorldCat
Baptist Church Hymnal (1900): PDF

Note: For an index of Stainer’s tunes, see his Hymn Tunes (1900); for lists of works, see Charlton (1984) or Dibble (2007).

Additional Works:

A Theory of Harmony, Founded on the Tempered Scale (1871): PDF

A Treatise on Harmony and the Classification of Chords (n.d., multiple eds.): PDF

A Dictionary of Musical Terms, with W.A. Barrett (1876): PDF

The Organ (1877): HathiTrust

Music of the Bible (1879): PDF / revised by Galpin (1914): PDF

Music in its Relation to the Intellect and Emotions (1892): PDF

Early Bodleian Music (1898): WorldCat 

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