John Newton (1725–1807)


John Newton. Portrait by John Russell, ca. 1788.

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Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound)
How lost was my condition
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
One there is above all others

Collections of Hymns:

Twenty Six Letters on Religious Subjects to Which Are Added Hymns, &c.

1774, 1st ed. | PDF
1775, 2nd ed. | PDF
1777, 3rd ed. | PDF
1780, 4th ed. | PDF
1785 | PDF
1793 | PDF
1798 | PDF

Olney Hymns in Three Books

Note: Only London editions are listed here.

1779, 1st ed. | PDF
1781, 2nd ed. | PDF
1783, 3rd ed. | PDF
1784, 4th ed. | PDF
1787, 4th ed. | PDF
1788, 5th ed. | PDF
1792, 6th ed. | PDF
1797, 6th ed. | PDF
1802, 7th ed. | WorldCat
1806, 8th ed. | WorldCat
1807, New ed. | PDF

His hymns also appeared in: 
Richard Conyers, A Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1772: PDF | 1774: PDF)
The Gospel Magazine (1771-1777 | website).

Related Works:

An Authentic Narrative of Some Remarkable and Interesting Particulars in the Life of [Mr. Newton] (1st ed., 1764 | PDF)
Sermons Preached in the Parish-Church of Olney (1767: PDF)
A Review of Ecclesiastial History (1770: PDF)
The Subject and Temper of the Gospel Ministry: A Sermon (1780: PDF)
Cardiphonia; or, the Utterance of the Heart (1st ed., 1781: Vol. 1 PDF | Vol. 2 PDF)
The Guilt and Danger of Such a Nation as This: A Sermon (1781: PDF)
A Token of Affection and Respect, to the Parishioners of St. Mary Woolnoth (1781: PDF)
A Plan of Academical Preparation for the Ministry (1782: PDF)
Apologia. Four Letters to a Minister of an Independent Church (1784: PDF)
A Monument to the Praise of the Lord's Goodness (3rd ed., 1785: PDF)
Messiah: Fifty Expository Discourses (1786: Vol. 1 PDF | Vol. 2 PDF)
A Sermon ... on the Death of Richard Conyers (1786: PDF)
The Best Wisdom: A Sermon (1787: PDF)
Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade (1788: PDF)
The Great Advent: A Sermon (1789: PDF)
The Christian Correspondent; or a Series of Religious Letters (1790: PDF)
Letters to a Wife (1793: Vol. 1 PDF | Vol. 2 PDF)
Political Debate on Christian Principles (1793: PDF)
The Imminent Danger: A Sermon (1794: PDF)
Motives to Humiliation and Praise: A Sermon (1798: PDF)
Three Letters upon Christian Experience (1798: PDF)
The Constraining Influence of the Love of Christ: A Sermon (1800: PDF)

Correspondence of the Late Rev. John Newton, with a Dissenting Minister (London: W. M'Dowell, 1809: Bodleian Library).
Letters and Conversational Remarks by the Late Rev. John Newton, ed. John Campbell (NY: S. Whiting, 1811: PDF).
Original letters from the Reverend John Newton, ed. William Barlass (London: J. Miller, 1819: WorldCat).
The Aged Pilgrim's Triumph ... A Series of Letters, ed. Walter Taylor et al. (London: Baker & Fletcher, 1825: PDF).
Twenty-Five Letters, Hitherto Unpublished, ed. Robert & Josiah Jones (Edinburgh: J. Johnstone, 1840: PDF) .
Sixty-Six Letters from the Rev. John Newton, ed. James Coffin (London: Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., 1844: PDF).
One Hundred and Twenty Nine Letters from the Rev. John Newton, ed. Josiah Bull (London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1847: PDF).

Collected Works:

The Works of the Rev. John Newton (1st ed., 1808)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF
Volume 3: PDF
Volume 4: PDF
Volume 5: PDF
Volume 6: PDF

The Works of the Rev. John Newton (New ed., 1821)

Volumes 1-2: PDF
Volumes 3-4: PDF 
Volumes 5-6: PDF
Volumes 7-8: PDF 
Volumes 9-10: PDF
Volumes 11-12: PDF

The Works of John Newton (Banner of Truth, 4 vols., 2015)

Volumes 1-4: Amazon | Worldcat


see Jonathan Aitken’s biography (2007), pp. 362-363, for a detailed list of MS collections, and add the John Newton and John Campbell Correspondence collection at Seattle Pacific University (PDF).

Olney Hymns, MS Eng 1317, Houghton Library, Harvard University:$1i

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Richard Cecil, The Memoirs of the Rev. John Newton, 2nd ed., Corrected (London: J. Hatchard, 1808: PDF).

Josiah Bull, John Newton of Olney and St. Mary Woolnoth (London: Religious Tract Society, 1868: PDF).

Donald E. Demaray, The Innovation of John Newton (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1988: Amazon | WorldCat).

D. Bruce Hindmarsh, John Newton and the English Evangelical Tradition (Oxford: University Press, 1996: Amazon | WorldCat).

William E. Phipps, Amazing Grace in John Newton (2001: Amazon | Worldcat).

Jonathan Aitken, John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2007: Amazon | Worldcat).

Tony Reinke, Newton on the Christian Life (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015: Amazon | WorldCat).

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William T. Cairns, “The relations between John Newton and William Cowper,” HSGBI Bulletin, no. 16 (July 1941), pp. 1-5.

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