John Mason Neale

24 January 1818–6 August 1866


John Mason Neale, from Eleanor A. Towle, John Mason Neale: A Memoir (1906).

Featured Hymns:

All glory, laud, and honour
O come, O come, Emmanuel
O Heavenly Wisdom, hear our cry
Today the victor o'er his foes

Collections of Hymns & Poems:

Hymns for Children

1st ed. (1842): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1844): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1848): WorldCat
5th ed. (1852): WorldCat
7th ed. (1858): WorldCat 
8th ed. (1862): WorldCat
10th ed. (1867): PDF

Hymns for the Sick

1st ed. (1843): PDF
2nd ed. (1849/50): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1855): PDF

Hymns for the Young, 2nd series

1st ed. (1843): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1846): WorldCat
New ed. (1854): WorldCat
New ed. (1860): PDF

Songs and Ballads for Manufacturers

1st ed. (1846): PDF
2nd ed. (1850): PDF

Hymns for Children, 3rd series

1st ed. (1846): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1848): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1867): PDF

Seatonian Poems (1845-1863; collected 1864): HathiTrust
Hymni Ecclesiae (1851): PDF
Mediaeval Hymns & Sequences

1st ed. (1851): HathiTrust
2nd ed. (1863): HathiTrust
3rd ed. (1867): PDF

The Hymnal Noted

Melody edition: Part I (1851) & Part II (1856) Combined: PDF
A Short Commentary on the Hymnal Noted (1852): PDF
The Words of the Hymnal Noted, Parts I & II (1855): PDF
Accompanying harmonies: Part I (1852) & Part II (1858) Combined: PDF
Words … with an appendix revised and greatly enlarged (1863): WorldCat
Music of the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted (ca. 1865): WorldCat

Note: This collection is often dated erroneously, including in Julian. See this guide, prepared by Joe Herl: PDF

Sequentiae ex Missalibus (1852): PDF
Carols for Christmas-tide (1853/54): PDF
Carols for Easter-tide (1854): WorldCat
Songs and Ballads for the People (1855): PDF
The Rhythm of Bernard de Morlaix, Monk of Cluny

1st ed. (1858)
4th ed. (1862): PDF
7th ed. (1865): PDF
8th ed. (1866): PDF

Hymns of the Eastern Church

1st ed. (1862): PDF
2nd ed. (1863): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1866): PDF
4th ed., with music (1882): PDF

Hymns, Chiefly Mediaeval, on the Joys and Glories of Paradise (1865): PDF
Stabat Mater Speciosa (1866): WorldCat
Sequences, Hymns, and other Ecclesiastical Verses (1866): PDF
The Invalid's Hymn Book (1866): PDF
S. Margaret’s Hymnal (1875)

Related Works (Selected):

The Ecclesiastic and Theologian (1846-1868): WorldCat
The Ecclesiologist (1841-1868): HathiTrust
The Christian Remembrancer (1819-1868): HathiTrust
A Commentary on the Psalms, 4 vols. (1868-1874): HathiTrust
The History of the Holy Eastern Church, 5 vols. (1847-1873): HathiTrust
Essays on Liturgiology and Church History (1863): HathiTrust

The Liturgies of S. Mark, S. Clement, S. James, S. Chrysostom, and S. Basil

1st ed., Greek (1859): PDF
1st ed., English (1859): PDF
2nd ed., Greek (1868): PDF
2nd ed., English (1869): PDF

Life and Works:

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