John Wesley (1703-1791)

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John Wesley & Charles Wesley.
Hymns Ancient & Modern, Historical Edition (1909).

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Christ the Lord is risen today
Hark! the herald angels sing
Sing we to our God above


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Collected Works & Editions:

George Osborn, The Poetical Works of John & Charles Wesley (1868-1872)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF
Volume 3: PDF
Volume 4: PDF
Volume 5: PDF
Volume 6: PDF
Volume 7: PDF
Volume 8: PDF
Volume 9: PDF
Volume 10: PDF
Volume 11: PDF
Volume 12: PDF
Volume 13: PDF

Note: See the assessment of this edition (and Rogal’s reprint) by Randy Maddox, here:

Samuel J. Rogal, A New and Critical Edition of George Osborns The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley (NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2010-2013).

A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists, ed. Franz Hildebrandt & Oliver Beckerlegge, Vol. 7 in The Works of John Wesley, Frank Baker, Editor in Chief (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1983 | Amazon).

Unpublished Poetry of Charles Wesley, 3 vols., ed. S.T. Kimbrough Jr. & Oliver A. Beckerlegge (Nashville: Kingswood Books, 1988-92 | Amazon).

Randy L. Maddox, editor
Duke Divinity School, The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition

Charles Wesley's Published Verse:

Charles Wesley’s Manuscript Verse:

John Wesley’s Poetry, Hymn, and Verse:

Facsimile reprints by the Charles Wesley Society (with additional commentary and notes):



Gareth Lloyd, “Charles Wesley manuscripts: a guide to provenance and location,” Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, vol. 88, no. 2 (Autumn 2006), pp. 121-131:


Wesley Biography:

Thomas Coke & Henry Moore, The Life of the Rev. John Wesley (London: 1792 | PDF).

John Whitehead, An Account of the Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley (London: 1793 | PDF).

Thomas Jackson, The Life of the Rev. Charles Wesley (London: John Mason, 1841).

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF

Luke Tyerman, The Life and Times of John Wesley (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1870).

Volume 1: PDF (NY edition, 1872)
Volume 2: PDF
Volume 3: PDF

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Timothy J. Crutcher, John Wesley: His Life and Thought (Kansas City: Beacon Hill, 2005) WorldCat | Amazon


Wesley Hymnology:

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Joshua Felton, Methodism 101: Theology through Charles Wesley’s Hymns, dissertation (University of the South, 2017): WorldCat

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