List of Wesley Hymn Collections


Only first editions are listed here, unless otherwise noted. Complicating matters, the brothers would sometimes use the same title but with different contents. For a more detailed assessment of editions and revisions, see the online edition of Wesley hymns edited by Randy Maddox, Duke Divinity School.

For an index of which hymns appeared in which collections, see John Julian’s Dictionary of Hymnology (1892), pp. 1259-1266, or see the comprehensive index compiled by Randy Maddox here.


Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1737: PDF)
Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1738)
Hymns and Sacred Poems (1739: PDF)
Free Grace (sermon + hymn, 1739: PDF)
The Means of Grace (pamphlet, 1740)
The Life of Faith (pamphlet, 1740)
Hymns and Sacred Poems (1740: PDF)
Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1741; 2nd ed., 1743: PDF)
Hymns on God's Everlasting Love (1741: PDF)
Christian Perfection (sermon + hymn, 1741: PDF)
A Collection of Tunes, Set to Music, As They Are Commonly Sung at the Foundery (1742: PDF)
Hymns and Sacred Poems (1742: PDF)
Collection of Hymns (1742: PDF)
Hymns on God’s Everlasting Love (1742: PDF)
The Whole Armour of God (broadsheet, 1742)
The Taking of Jericho (broadsheet, 1742)
Elegy on the Death of Robert Jones (1742: PDF)
Fourteenth Chapter of Isaiah (broadsheet, 1742)
Thanksgiving for the Colliers (leaflet, 1742)
Hymn for Condemned Prisoners (leaflet, 1742)
Nature, Design, and General Rules of the United Societies (tract + hymn, 1743: PDF)
An Earnest Appeal to Men of Reason and Religion (tract + hymn, 2nd ed.: PDF)
Hymn for Christmas Day (broadsheet, 1743)
Collection of Moral and Sacred Poems (1744)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF
Volume 3: PDF

Hymns for Times of Trouble (1744 | WorldCat)
Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution (1744: PDF)
An Extract of the Reverend Mr. John Wesley's Journal [from 1739-1741] (+ hymn, 1744: WorldCat)
Hymns for Christmas Day (1744)
A Farther Appeal to Men of Reason and Religion (tract + hymn, 1745: PDF)
Hymns on the Lord’s Supper (1745: PDF)
A Short View of the Difference between the Moravian Brethren (tract + hymns, 1745: PDF)
Hymns from Jeremiah (pamphlet, 1745)
A Word in Season (tract + hymns, 1745: PDF)
Hymns for the Nativity of our Lord (1745: PDF)
Word to a Protestant (tract + hymns, 1745: PDF)
Hymns for Times of Trouble and Persecution, 2nd ed. (1745: PDF)
Funeral Hymns (1746: PDF)
Hymns for Our Lord’s Resurrection (1746: PDF)
Hymns for Ascension Day (1746; 2nd ed., 1747: PDF)
Hymns of Petition and Thanksgiving for the Promise of Father (1746: PDF)
Hymns on the Great Festivals (1746: PDF)
Hymns for the Public Thanksgiving Day (1746: PDF)
Gloria Patri; or Hymns to the Trinity (1746: PDF)
Graces Before and After Meat (1746: PDF)
Hymn at the Sacrament (ca. 1747: PDF)
Hymns for Children (ca. 1747)
Hymns and Sacred Poems (1747: PDF)
A Letter to the Right Reverend, the Lord Bishop of London (tract + hymn, 1747: PDF)
Hymns for Those that Seek and Those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ (1747: PDF)
Hymns and Sacred Poems (1749)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF

A Collection of Hymns and Sacred Poems (with tunes, Dublin, 1749): WorldCat
Hymns for New Year’s Day
(1749/50: PDF)
Hymns for the Watch-night (1750: PDF)
Hymns Occasioned by the Earthquake (1750)

Part 1: PDF
Part 2: PDF
Part 1, Added an Hymn ... Occasioned by the Destruction of Lisbon (1756: PDF)
Part 2, Added an Hymn for the English in America (1756: PDF)

A Short Account of God’s Dealings with Mr. Thomas Hogg (+ hymn, 1750: PDF)
Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1753: PDF)
An Answer to Rev. Dr. Gill (1754: PDF)
An Epistle to the Reverend Mr. John Wesley (a poem, 1755: PDF)
Catholic Spirit (sermon + hymn, 1755: WorldCat)
Hymns for the Year 1756 (1756: PDF)
Hymns of Intercession for all Mankind (1758: PDF)
Hymns of Intercession for the Kingdom of England (1759: PDF)
Funeral Hymns (1759; 1769 PDF)
Hymns on the Expected Invasion (1759: PDF)
The Case of the Unhappy People of Custrin (tract + hymn, 1759: PDF)
Hymns to be Used on the Thanksgiving Day (1759: WorldCat)
Reasons against a Separation from the Church of England … with Hymns for the Preachers (1760: PDF)
Hymns for Those to Whom Christ is All in All (1761: PDF)
Select Hymns, with Tunes Annext (1761: | 3rd ed., 1770: PDF)
Short Hymns on Select Passages of the Holy Scriptures (1762)

Volume 1: PDF
Volume 2: PDF

Hymns for Children (1763: PDF)
Twelve Hymns (Music by J. Battishill, ca. 1765): PDF
Hymns for the Use of Families (1767: PDF)
Hymns on the Trinity (1767: WorldCat)
A Short Account of the Death of Mary Langson (+ hymn, 1770; 1775: PDF)
A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Mr George Whitefield (+ hymn, 1770: PDF)
An Elegy on the late Reverend George Whitefield (1771: PDF)
An Epistle to the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield (a poem, 1771: PDF)
Preparation for Death, in Several Hymns (1772: PDF)
Arminian Magazine (1778-1791 | HathiTrust)
Ode on the Death of Dr. Boyce (1779: PDF)
A Hymn for the Rev. John Wesley (1779)
Hymns Written in the Time of the Tumults (1780: WorldCat)
A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists (1780)

1st ed. (1780): PDF
2nd ed. (1781): PDF
3rd ed. (1782): PDF
4th ed. (1784): PDF
5th ed. (1786): PDF
6th ed. (1788): PDF
7th ed. (1791): PDF

Sacred Harmony: or, a choice Collection of Psalms and Hymns set to Music (1780: HathiTrust)
The Protestant Association (1781: PDF)
Hymns for the Nation, Parts 1 & 2 (1782: PDF)
Hymns for the National Fast (1782: PDF)
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns (1784: PDF)
Prayers for Condemned Malefactors (1785: PDF)
Pocket Hymn Book

(1785): PDF
(1787): PDF


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