John Bacchus Dykes

10 March 1823–22 January 1876


John Bacchus Dykes, from J.T. Fowler, The Life and Letters of John Bacchus Dykes (London: John Murray, 1897).

Rev. John Bacchus Dykes, Mus. Doc., was born in Hull, where his grandfather was incumbent of St. John’s Church, in March 1823. He received his first musical tuition from Skelton, organist of St. John’s. In October 1843 he went to St. Catherine Hall, Cambridge, where he very soon obtained a scholarship. He graduated as B.A. in 1847, and in the same year, having taken Holy Orders, obtained the curacy of Malton, Yorkshire. During his stay in Cambridge he pursued his musical studies under Professor Walmisley, and became conductor of the University Musical Society. In July 1849 he was appointed Minor Canon and Precentor of Durham Cathedral. In the next year he proceeded M.A. In 1861 the University of Durham conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Music, and in 1862 he was presented by the Dean and Chapter to the vicarage of St. Oswald, Durham, on which he resigned the precentorship. He died January 22, 1876.

Dr. Dykes composed many services and anthems, and a large number of hymn tunes, many of which have met with very general acceptance. Among these may be noted “Nearer my God to Thee,” “The day is past and over,” and “Jesu, lover of my soul.” He was joint editor of Hymns Ancient & Modern. Beyond his musical repute he was much esteemed as a theologian.

by William H. Husk
A Dictionary of Music and Musicians
, vol. 1 (1879)

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The following list is adapted from Hymn Tunes Composed by John Bacchus Dykes (London: Novello, 1902).

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Hymn Tunes Composed by John Bacchus Dykes (London: Novello, 1902): WorldCat

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