John Bacchus Dykes

10 March 1823–22 January 1876


John Bacchus Dykes, from J.T. Fowler, The Life and Letters of John Bacchus Dykes (London: John Murray, 1897).

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Note: The following list is adapted from Hymn Tunes Composed by John Bacchus Dykes (London: Novello, 1902).

Congregational Church Music (1856, enlarged 1876): WorldCat

1st ed., Pt. 1 (1856): WorldCat
1st ed., Pt. 2 (1856): PDF
Enlarged Ed. (1876): PDF

Congregational Hymn & Tune Book, ed. R.R. Chope

1st ed. (ca. 1858)
Enlarged ed. (1862): PDF

Congregational Psalmist, ed. Henry Allon

1st ed., Part 1 (1858): HathiTrust
2nd ed., Part 1 (1861): HathiTrust
Part 2 (1868): HathiTrust
Enlarged ed. (1875): HathiTrust

The Chorale Book, ed. H.H. Bemrose

1st ed. (1861): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1863): WorldCat

Hymns Ancient & Modern

1st ed. (1861): PDF
Annotated by Louis Biggs (1867): PDF
with Appendix (1868): PDF
2nd ed. (1875): PDF
with Supplement (1889): PDF
Historical Companion (1889): PDF

Hymns for the Church of England (1862 / 1865): WorldCat / WorldCat
The Holy Year, ed. William Monk (1862): PDF
The Bristol Tune Book

1st ed. (1863): PDF
2nd ed (1881): PDF
3rd ed. (1891): PDF

The Praise-Book, ed. William Reid (1866): PDF
A Hymnal for use in the English Church, ed. John Grey (1866): WorldCat
The Anglican Hymn Book  

1st ed. (1868): PDF
2nd ed. (1871): PDF

Christmas Carols New and Old (1868): PDF
Sarum Hymnal (1868): PDF
Advent Hymns with Appropriate Tunes, George Joyce (ca. 1870): PDF
A Supplement to the Collection of Psalms and Hymns, . . . Reading (ca. 1870): WorldCat
The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer (1870): PDF
The People's Hymnal Tune Book (ca. 1870-1873): WorldCat
Supplemental Hymn Tune Book (1871): PDF (4th ed)
Parish Church Hymnal (1872): WorldCat
Processional Hymns with Accompanying Tunes, ed. John Biden (1872): WorldCat
Accompanying Tunes to the Hymns for Infant Children (1872): WorldCat
The Hymnal with Tunes Old and New (1872): WorldCat
XIII Hymns for Advent and Lent (1873): WorldCat
Church Hymns with Tunes, ed. Arthur Sullivan (1874): PDF
A Book of Litanies, Metrical & Prose, ed. W.S. Hoyte (1875): PDF
Children's Hymnal, with Tunes, ed. John Tucker (1875): PDF
New Mitre Hymnal (1875): PDF
The Song of Praise, or Psalm and Hymn Tunes (1875): WorldCat
Four Hymns by Godfrey Thring (1875): WorldCat
The Children’s Hymn Book, ed. Carey Brock, et al. (1877): HathiTrust
The Child’s Book of Praise . . . with Accompanying Tunes, ed. C.A. Barry (1879): WorldCat
Harvest-Tide: A Service of Sacred Song, ed. A.H. Brown (1880): WorldCat
Church Praise, ed. E.J. Hopkins & Herbert Oakeley (1883): PDF
Day School Hymn Book, ed. Emma Mundella (1890): WorldCat
O God of Love: Hymn for Use in Time of War, H.W. Baker (1900): WorldCat

Hymn Tunes Composed by John Bacchus Dykes (London: Novello, 1902): WorldCat

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