Henry J. Gauntlett

9 July 1805–21 February 1876

Henry J. Gauntlett,  photograph by Clarence Edmund Fry & Son (1870s).  National Portrait Gallery.

Henry J. Gauntlett, photograph by Clarence Edmund Fry & Son (1870s). National Portrait Gallery.

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Publications of Hymns & Tunes:

Edited by Gauntlett:

Dr. Watts’ Own Tune Book (1840s): WorldCat

Hymnal (1844): WorldCat

Cantus Melodici (1845): WorldCat

The Comprehensive Tune Book 

1st series (1846): WorldCat
2nd series (1851): WorldCat

Y Salmydd Cymreig [The Welsh Psalmist] (1846): WorldCat

373 Chants, Ancient and Modern (1848): WorldCat

The Psalter, or The Psalms of David, Pointed (1848): WorldCat

The Bible Psalms … Set Forth to Appropriate Tunes (1848): WorldCat

A Selection from the Quire and Cathedral Psalter (1848): WorldCat

Christmas Carols (1849): WorldCat

Stabat Mater, Set to Eight Melodies (1849): WorldCat

The Hallelujah, 4 vols. (1849-1861): WorldCat

The Church Hymn and Tune Book (1852): WorldCat

The Book of Common Prayer for Quires (1852): WorldCat

The Church Music Book (1853): WorldCat

The Choral Use of the Book of Common Prayer (1854): WorldCat

Sacred Melodies for Children (1855): WorldCat

Sacred Melodies for the Young (1856): WorldCat

The Congregational Psalmist (1858): WorldCat

Hymns for Little Children (1858): WorldCat

Prayer-Book Chants (1860): WorldCat

S. Mark’s Church Hymn Tune and Chant Book (1860): WorldCat

Manual of Psalmody (1861): WorldCat

The Canticles … Pointed (1861): WorldCat

Anthems, Canticles, and Hymns (1864): PDF

Tunes New and Old (1864): WorldCat

Hymns and Tunes for Easter (1864): WorldCat

Christmas Minstrelsy (1865): WorldCat

Church Psalter and Hymnal (1869): WorldCat

Cheetham’s Psalmody, new & enl. ed. (1876): WorldCat

Tunes New and Old, Enlarged (1876): PDF

A Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists (1877): WorldCat

Pohlmann’s National Psalmody (1878): WorldCat

One Hundred Tunes (ca. 1880): PDF

Edited by Others:

The Village Church Tune Book (ed. T.R. Matthews, 1859): WorldCat

Tunes for Holy Worship (1859): WorldCat

Hymns Ancient & Modern

1st ed. (1861): PDF
Annotated by Louis Biggs (1867): PDF
with Appendix (1868): PDF
2nd ed. (1875): PDF

Other Publications:

The Clergyman’s Singing-Class Manual (1847): WorldCat

Notes, Queries, and Exercises in the Science and Practice of Music (1859): PDF

Questions on the Art of Music Making (ca. 1860): WorldCat

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