Francis Ridley Havergal

14 December 1836–3 June 1879

Frances Ridley Havergal, in Francis Arthur Jones, Famous Hymns and Their Authors (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1902).

Featured Hymns:

Take my life, and let it be


Ministry of Song (1869): PDF (2nd ed.)
Twelve Sacred Songs for Little Singers (1870): PDF
Holiday Work (1873): WorldCat
Under the Surface (1874): PDF
The Four Happy Days (1874): PDF
The Approaching Mission Services (1874): PDF
Hints for Lady Workers at Mission Services (1874): PDF
Little Pillows; or, Good-night Thoughts for the Little Ones (1875): PDF
Morning Bells; or, Waking Thoughts for the Little Ones (1875): PDF
Royal Commandments (1877): PDF
My King (1877): PDF
Royal Bounty (1877): PDF
The Royal Invitation (1878): PDF
Loyal Responses (1878): PDF
Life Mosaic (1879): PDF
Kept for the Master’s Use (1879): PDF
Life Chords (1880): PDF
Under His Shadow (1880): PDF
Swiss Letters and Alpine Poems (1881): PDF
Life Echoes (1883): PDF

see also:
Havergal’s Psalmody and Century of Chants (1871): PDF
Charles Snepp, Songs of Grace and Glory

1st edition (1872): PDF
Appendix (1874): WorldCat
Music edition (1876): PDF

Charles H. Purday, Songs of Peace & Joy (1879): PDF (2nd ed.)

Note: This list does not include songs published individually.


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