John Keble

25 April 1792–29 March 1866


John Keble, from Hymns Ancient & Modern Historical Edition (1909).

Featured Hymns:

Hail! gladdening light
’Tis gone, that bright and orbed blaze (Sun of my soul)

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Note: American editions not included here.

The Christian Year

1st ed., vol. 1 (1827): PDF
1st ed., vol. 2 (1827): PDF
2nd ed. (1827): PDF
3rd ed. (1828): PDF
16th ed. (1837): PDF
32nd ed. (1848): PDF
40th ed. (1852): PDF
47th ed. (1856): PDF
54th ed. (1858): PDF
57th ed. (1858): PDF
58th ed. (1859): PDF
74th ed. (1863): PDF
90th ed. (1866): PDF
97th ed. (1866): PDF
98th ed. (1866): PDF

The British Magazine (1834)

Lyra Apostolica

1st ed. (1836): PDF
2nd ed. (1837): PDF
4th ed. (1840): PDF
6th ed. (1843): PDF
7th ed. (1845): PDF

The Psalter or Psalms of David in English Verse

1st ed. (1839): PDF
2nd ed. (1839): PDF
3rd ed. (1840): PDF
4th ed. (1869): PDF

The Child’s Christian Year (ed. F.M. Yonge)

1st ed. (1841)
2nd ed. (1842): PDF
3rd ed. (1844): PDF
4th ed. (1849): PDF
New ed. (1864): WorldCat

Lyra Innocentium

1st ed. (1846): PDF
5th ed. (1851): PDF
9th ed. (1861): PDF
11th ed. (1867): PDF

Salisbury Hymn-Book (ed. Earl Nelson, 1857): PDF

Lays of the Sanctuary and Other Poems (ed. G. Stevenson de M. Rutherford, 1859): PDF

Miscellaneous Poems (1869)

1st ed. (1869): PDF
2nd ed. (1869): PDF
3rd ed. (1870): PDF


Life & Works:

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