Cecil Frances Alexander

April 1818(?)–12 October 1895


Cecil Frances Alexander, from Poems (London: MacMillan & Co., 1896).

Featured Hymns:

I bind unto myself today
Once in royal David’s city

Publications of Hymns & Poems:

Verses for Holy Seasons (1846): PDF

Hymns for Little Children (1848)

1st ed. (1848): WorldCat
4th ed. (1850): PDF
286,000 (1866): PDF
308,000 (1867): PDF
66th ed. (1887): PDF
with music by H.J. Gauntlett (1858): PDF [1872]

Moral Songs (1849)

1st ed. (1849): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1850): WorldCat
3rd ed. (185–): WorldCat
Illustrated (1880): PDF

Poems on Subjects in the Old Testament

Part 1 (1854): PDF
Part 2 (1857): PDF

Narrative Hymns for Village Schools (1853)

1st ed. (1853): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1857): WorldCat
4th ed. (1858): WorldCat
5th ed. (1859): WorldCat
16th ed. (1894): WorldCat

Hymns Descriptive and Devotional (1858): PDF
The Legend of the Golden Prayers (1859): PDF
The Sunday Book of Poetry (1864): PDF
The Writings of St. Patrick (ed. Charles Wright, 1889): PDF
Poems (1896): PDF

see also:
A Church School Hymn Book (ed. W.F. Hook, 1850): WorldCat
Hymns for Public Worship (SPCK, 1853): PDF (2nd ed.)
Hymns Ancient & Modern

1st ed. (1861): PDF
Annotated by Louis Biggs (1867): PDF
with Appendix (1868): PDF
2nd ed. (1875): PDF
with Supplement (1889): PDF
Historical Companion (1889): PDF

Lyra Angelicana (ed. Robert Baynes, 1862): PDF
Church Hymnal, Ireland

1st ed. (1864): PDF
2nd ed. (1873): PDF
with Appendix (1891): PDF

Selected Poems of William Alexander & Cecil Frances Alexander (1930): WorldCat

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