William M. Runyan

21 January 1870–29 July 1957

William Marion Runyan (b. Marion, NY, Jan. 21, 1870; d Pittsburgh, Kan., July 29, 1957), was the son of William White and Hannah (Orcutt) Runyan. In 1884 his Methodist preacher father moved the family to Marion, Kansas. As a youth he studied music and became quite successful as a music teacher while still in his teens. Ordained to the Methodist ministry in 1891, he held various pastorates in Kansas for twelve years. In 1903 he was appointed evangelist for the Central Kansas Methodist Conference. Because of increasing deafness, he resigned his work in Kansas and became associated with John Brown University, Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, as pastor of the Federated Church, editor of the Christian Workers’ Magazine, and songbook compiler and editor, 1923-1925. From 1925 until his retirement in 1948 he made his home in Chicago, where he was associated with Moody Bible Institute, and for several years served in an editorial capacity with the Hope Publishing Company.

by William J. Reynolds
Hymns of Our Faith (1964)

Featured Hymns:

Great is thy faithfulness

Publications of Hymns:

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see also: Moody Bible Institute Monthly: WorldCat

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