William M. Runyan (1870–1957)

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Great is thy faithfulness

Publications of Hymns:

Gertrude R. Dugan’s Gospel Songs, ed. Schuler & Runyan (Gospel Music, 1919): WorldCat

Songs of the Great Salvation, ed. Runyan & Towner (Runyan Music Co., ca. 1920): HathiTrust

Songs of Salvation & Service, ed. Runyan (Runyan Music Co., ca. 1920): WorldCat

Runyan’s Special Numbers, ed. Runyan & Towner (Runyan Music Co., 1920): WorldCat

Runyan’s Special Numbers, No. 2, ed. Runyan & Fisher (n.d.): WorldCat

Runyan’s Music for Men, ed. Runyan (Runyan Music Co., 1922): WorldCat

Victorious Revival Songs, ed. Runyan, Brown, & Fischer (Federation Pub., ca. 1925): WorldCat

Revival Praises, ed. Runyan & McKee (Scripture Press, 1927): WorldCat

Big Four Quartet Book, ed. Runyan (Hope, 1927): Hymnary

Gospel Song Specialties, First Series, ed. Runyan & Schuler (Runyan & Schuler, 1928): WorldCat

Gospel Song Specialties, Second Series, ed. Runyan & Schuler (ca. 1928-1938): WorldCat

Gospel Melodies, Series 1 & 2, ed. Runyan & Schuler (Kettleson Press, ca. 1930): WorldCat

Gospel Song Anthems, No. 1, ed. Runyan & Schuler (Tabernacle, 1931): WorldCat

The Waiting Drummer, ed. Runyan (Revell, 1935): WorldCat

The Service Hymnal, ed. Runyan & Shorney (Hope, 1935): WorldCat

Radio Songs and Choruses of the Gospel, No. 2, ed. Runyan & Loveless (Laurel Press, 1937): WorldCat

The Fairest of Earth, ed. Runyan & Larson (Schmitt, 1943): WorldCat

Church Choir Specialties, ed. Runyan, Schuler, & Cohen (Cohen, n.d.): WorldCat

see also: Moody Bible Institute Monthly: WorldCat

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