Thomas Helmore

7 May 1811–6 July 1890

Related Hymns and Tunes:

O come, O come, Emmanuel

Published Works:

The Psalter Noted

1st ed. (1849): WorldCat
Accompanying Harmonies (1850): WorldCat
American ed. (1856): PDF
Accompanying Harmonies, with Appendix, 4th ed. (1857): WorldCat
with Appendix I & II (1871): WorldCat
with Appendix I–III (1880): WorldCat

The Canticles Noted

1st ed. (1850): WorldCat
Canticles Noted: Te Deum Laudamus VII & VIII (1867): WorldCat
2nd set (1871): WorldCat

A Brief Directory of the Plain Song

A Manual of Plain Song (1850): PDF
Accompanying Harmonies (1853): HathiTrust
American ed. (1855): WorldCat
with Appendix I & II [Magnificat settings] (1873): WorldCat
Second Appendix [Te Deum settings]: HathiTrust
American ed. 2 (1871): HathiTrust
with Appendix I–III (1880): WorldCat
A Fuller Directory of the Plain Song (1881): WorldCat
Appendix [Miserere mei Deus] (1882): WorldCat

The Hymnal Noted

Melody edition: Part I (1851) & Part II (1856) Combined: PDF
A Short Commentary on the Hymnal Noted (1852): PDF
The Words of the Hymnal Noted, Parts I & II (1855): PDF
Accompanying Harmonies: Part I (1852) & Part II (1858) Combined: PDF
Words … with an appendix revised and greatly enlarged (1863): WorldCat
Music of the Appendix to the Hymnal Noted (ca. 1865): WorldCat

Note: This collection is often dated erroneously, including in Julian. See this guide, prepared by Joe Herl: PDF

Carols for Christmas-tide (1853/54): PDF
Carols for Easter-tide (1854): WorldCat

“Choir and chorus singing,” The Musical Times, vol. 5, no. 119 (March 1854): PDF (JSTOR)

A Treatise on Choir and Chorus Singing (trans. from F.J. Fétis, 1854): WorldCat

A Practical Lecture on Plain Song (1854): WorldCat

S. Mark’s Chant Book (1863): PDF

Cadences for the Order of the Administration of the Lord’s Supper (1866): WorldCat

Hymns for Use During the Cattle Plague (1866): WorldCat

Short Graces Before and After Meals (n.d): WorldCat

Paper on Church Music (1868): WorldCat

The Canticles Accented: For Use with All Chants (1870): WorldCat

The Psalter Accented (1872): WorldCat | PDF

Plain Song [Primer] (1878): WorldCat

A Catechism of Music (1878): WorldCat

The Responses, Psalms and Canticles for Evensong on Easter Day (1881): WorldCat

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Thomas Helmore,