Robert Grant

15 January 1780–9 July 1838

Robert Grant, engraving by Frederick Christian Lewis Sr, after a painting by Joseph Slater, ca. 1826. National Portrait Gallery, London, NPG D20594 (

Featured Hymns:

O worship the King

Collections of Hymns:

Sacred Poems (1839): [1844]

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Christian Observer (1806-1815)

Sacred Poetry, Second Series (Wm. Oliphant, 1824): PDF [2nd ed.]

Christian Psalmody, ed. Edward Bickersteth (1st ed., 1833): PDF [1834]

Psalms & Hymns, ed. H.V. Elliott (1835): PDF


For a list of manuscript holdings—primarily in the British Library, National Library of Wales, and National Archives of Scotland—see the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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Robert Grant,