Robert Bridges

23 October 1844–21 April 1930


Robert Bridges, photo by M.G. Perkins (1913), National Portrait Gallery, London.

Featured Hymns:

O gladsome light

Collections of Hymns & Poems:


First Series (1873): PDF
Second Series (1879): PDF
Third Series (1880): WorldCat
Fourth Series (1882/4): WorldCat

The Growth of Love (1876): WorldCat

Prometheus the Firegiver: A Mask in the Greek Manner (1883): PDF

Shorter Poems 

1st ed., Books 1-IV (1890): PDF
2nd ed., Books I-IV (1891): PDF
3rd ed., Books I-V (1893)
4th ed., Books I-V (1894): PDF

The Humours of the Court: A Comedy, and Other Poems (1893): WorldCat

Eros and Psyche: A Poem in Twelve Measures

1st ed. (1885): PDF
Rev. ed. (1894): PDF

Hymns: The Yattendon Hymnal (Hymns in Four Parts)

Part 1: Nos. 1-25 (1895): WorldCat
Part 2: Nos. 1-50 (1897): WorldCat
Part 3: Nos. 1-75 (1898)
Complete, Nos. 1-100 (1899): WorldCat
[2nd Edition] (1905): Google Books
[3rd Edition] (1920): HathiTrust

Shorter Poems: New Poems (1899): WorldCat

Demeter: A Mask (1905): PDF

Ibant Obscuri: An Experiment in the Classical Hexameter (1916): PDF

October and Other Poems (1920): PDF

The Tapestry: Poems (1925): WorldCat

New Verse (1926): HathiTrust

The Testament of Beauty (1929): PDF

Collected Works:

Poetical Works, 1st ed.

Volume 1 (1898): PDF
Volume 2 (1899): PDF
Volume 3 (1901): PDF
Volume 4 (1902): PDF
Volume 5 (1902): PDF
Volume 6 (1905): PDF

The Poetical Works of Robert Bridges, 2nd ed. with The Testament of Beauty (1936): WorldCat

Related Resources:

Robert Bridges, A Practical Discourse on Some Principles of Hymn-Singing (Oxford: B.H. Blackwell, 1901): PDF

Catherine Phillips, Robert Bridges: A Biography (Oxford: University Press, 1992): WorldCat

J.R. Watson, “Robert Bridges,” Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology:

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