Ralph Vaughan Williams

12 October 1872—26 August 1958

Ralph Vaughan Williams, photo by Herbert Lambert (ca. 1923), National Portrait Gallery (London).

DR. RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, O.M., died at his home in London on 26 August at the age of eighty-five. The world of music mourns his passing, yet one is glad and grateful that he was able to live so long and so full a life; one, moreover, that was so rich in achievement. He was a Gloucestershire man, born at Down Ampney on 12 October 1872, and all his life he had the look and the manner of a countryman. His utterance was downright, his views were robust. In his music he expressed the essential spirit of England as perhaps no other composer has ever done before. He was never one to inhabit an ivory tower; he took an active part in music-making, and an active interest in all causes in which he believed. He went on writing music of an astonishing freshness and vitality to the day of his death; his Ninth Symphony was produced only last April. He was a great man as well as a great musician; revered and beloved wherever he was known. His life and work are familiar to all who, in Purcell’s phrase, “carry musical souls about them.”

The Musical Times
October 1958

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Collections of Hymns and Tunes:

The English Hymnal

1st ed. (1906)
Rev. ed. (1933)

Church Songs (1911): WorldCat

Songs of Praise

1st ed. (1925)
Enlarged (1931)

Oxford Book of Carols (1928)

Songs of Praise for Boys and Girls (1929): WorldCat

Hymns for Sunday School Anniversaries and Other Special Occasions (1930): WorldCat

Songs of Praise for Little Children (1932): WorldCat

Songs of Praise for Children (1933): WorldCat

The Daily Service (1936): WorldCat

The Children’s Church (1936): WorldCat

English Traditional Carols (1954): WorldCat

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Five Mystical Songs (1911): Archive.org


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