Philip Doddridge

26 June 1702–26 October 1751

Philip Doddridge, engraved by T. Halpin, based on the painting by Andrea Soldi (18th century), in Edwin Long, Illustrated History of Hymns and Their Authors (1875).

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Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes

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Hymns Founded on Various Texts in the Holy Scriptures

1st ed. (1755): PDF
2nd ed. (1759): PDF
3rd ed. (1766): PDF
New ed., corrected (1776): PDF
5th ed. (1779): PDF
6th ed. (1788): PDF
New ed. (1792): PDF
7th ed. (1793): PDF
8th ed. (1794): PDF

Note: Job Orton died in 1783.

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Translations and Paraphrases (Church of Scotland):

(1745): PDF
(1751): PDF
(1756): PDF
(1765): PDF
(1771): PDF
(1781): PDF


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see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography for a more detailed list of additional MSS (correspondence, papers, etc.)


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[Note: This is a newly typeset presentation of the 1766 ed.; it does not include analysis of Doddridge’s MSS or Humphreys’ 1839 ed.]

Life & Hymns:

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Philip Doddridge,

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