John Ireland

13 August 1879–12 June 1962


John Ireland, from The Musical Quarterly, vol. 5, no. 2 (Apr. 1919), p. 214.

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The English Hymnal (1906): PDF
Vesper Hymn (1911): WorldCat
God of Nations / IRENE (1918): WorldCat
The Public School Hymn Book (1919): WorldCat
These things shall be / FRATERNITY (1919): WorldCat
Songs of Praise (1925): WorldCat
Oxford Book of Carols (1928): WorldCat
Songs of Praise Enlarged (1931): WorldCat
The Methodist Hymn Book (1933): WorldCat
Hymns Ancient & Modern Revised (1950): WorldCat

Life & Works:

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John Ireland,

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