Henry Francis Lyte

1 June 1793–20 November 1847


Henry Francis Lyte, in The Strand Magazine, vol. 9 (May 1895), p. 582.

Featured Hymns:

Abide with me; fast falls the eventide

Collections of Hymns & Poems:

Tales in Verse Illustrative of the Several Petitions of the Lord's Prayer

1st ed. (1826): PDF
2nd ed. (1829): PDF

Poems Chiefly Religious

1st ed. (1833): PDF
2nd ed. (1845): PDF

Spirit of the Psalms

1st ed. (1834): WorldCat
2nd ed. (1834): WorldCat
3rd ed. (1834): WorldCat
4th ed. (1836): PDF
5th ed. (1841): WorldCat
4th ed.? (1858) ed. J.R. Hogg?: WorldCat
2nd ed. (1860) ed. J.R. Hogg: WorldCat
3rd ed. (1864) ed. J.R. Hogg: WorldCat

Remains (1850): PDF

Miscellaneous Poems (1868): PDF

Life and Works:

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