Heinrich Albert

28 June 1604–6 October 1651

HEINRICH ALBERTI, or Albert, son of Johann Albert, tax collector at Lobenstein, in Voigtland (Reuss), born at Lobenstein, June 28, 1604. After some time spent in the study of law at Leipzig, he went to Dresden and studied music under his uncle Heinrich Schütz, the Court Capellmeister. He went to Königsberg in 1626, and was, in 1631, appointed organist of the Cathedral. In 1636 he was enrolled a member of the Poetical Union of Königsberg, along with Dach, Roberthin, and nine others. He died at Königsberg, Oct. 6, 1651. His hymns, which exhibit him as of a pious, loving, true, and artistic nature, appeared, with those of the other members of the Union, in his Arien etliche theils geistliche, theils weltliche zur Andacht, guten Sitten, Keuscher Liebe und Ehrenlust dienende Lieder, pub. separately in 8 pts., 1638-1650, and in a collected form, Konigsberg, 1652, including in all, 118 secular, and 74 sacred pieces. Of the 78 sacred melodies which he composed and published in these 8 pts., 7 came into German common use.

Of [“Gott des Himmels und der Erden”] Dr. Cosack of Königsberg says: “For two hundred years it is hardly likely that a single day has greeted the earth that has not, here and there, in German lands, been met with Alberti’s hymn. Hardly another morning hymn can be compared with it, as far as popularity and intrinsic value are concerned, if simplicity and devotion, purity of doctrine and adaptation to all the circumstances of life are to decide.”[1] Sts. ii., iii., v. have been special favorites in Germany, st. v. being adopted by children, by brides, by old and young, as a morning prayer. The fine melody (in the Irish Church Hymnal called GODESBERG) is also by Alberti.

by James Mearns
A Dictionary of Hymnology (1892)
ed. John Julian

  1. Geschichte des Kirchenlieds und Kirchengesangs der christlichen, vol. 8, ed. Richard Lauxmann (Stuttgart: Belser, 1876), p. 186.

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