Henri Abraham César Malan

7 July 1787–18 May 1864

H.A. César Malan, engraving by J. Horsburgh, after a portrait by Thomas Unwins, National Galleries Scotland

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Chants de Sion (Geneva)

1st ed. (1824, 100 songs): PDF
2nd ed. (1828, 200 songs): PDF
3rd ed. (1832, 234 songs): PDF
4th ed. (1836, 300 songs): WorldCat
5th ed. (1841, 300 songs): WorldCat
6th ed. (1855, 300 songs): PDF

Les Psaumes, les hymnes et les cantiques de la Bible (Geneva, 1824): WorldCat

Musique des Chants de Sion (Geneva)

(1834, 234 tunes): PDF
(1837): WorldCat
(1843, 300 tunes): PDF

Chants d'Israël, ou les psaumes, les hymnes et les cantiques de la Bible (Geneva, 1835): HathiTrust

Nouvelles histoires et Nouveaux chants (1836): WorldCat

Chants et Chansons Pieuses (Geneva)

1st ed. (1837): PDF
2nd ed. (1840): PDF
Musique (1840): WorldCat

Les Premiers Chants (Geneva)

3rd ed. (1847): PDF
Musique (1847): WorldCat
4th ed. (1853): PDF


Ingram Cobbin, Hymns by the Rev. Cæsar Malan Translated into English Verse (London: James Nisbet, 1825): WorldCat

Jane E. Arnold, Lyra Evangelica: Hymns Translated from the French of the Late Dr. Malan (London: John F. Shaw, 1866): PDF

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Jean-Augustin Bost, César Malan: Impressions, Notes et Souvenirs (Geneva: E. Beroud, 1865): HathiTrust

The Life, Labours, and Writings of Cæsar Malan (London: James Nisbet, 1869): PDF

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