Publications by Charles H. Gabriel

Collections of Hymns and Songs:

Gospel and Temperance Songs (1878)

Gabriel’s Sunday School Songs, No. 1 (1878)

The Class and Choir (1879)

Gabriel’s Anthem Book (1885)

Sabbath Evening Service of Song and Praise

No. 1 (1889)
Supplement No. 2 (1889): WorldCat

Scripture Songs Compiled Expressly for the Sunday School (1889)

The Angels: An Evening of Song and Story (1889)

Supplement to The Angels (1889)

Gabriel’s New and Selected Anthems (1889)

Sixty Scripture Songs (1890)

Scripture Songs for the Sunday School (1891)

Songs for the Harvest Field (1891)

Gabriel’s Vineyard Songs (1892)

Gabriel’s Triumphal Anthems (1892)

Golden Gate Anthems for the Choir (1892)

Children’s Songs (1893)

Songs of the Pentecost (1894)

Sunshine: Songs for Sunday Schools (1895)

Gospel Hymn Selections for Female Voices (1895)

Gospel Hymn Selections for Male Voices (1896)

Salvation Songs (1895)

Riches of Grace (1897)

Devotional Anthems New and Selected (1897)

Special Songs for Sunday Schools (1898)

Sifted Wheat (1898)

The Voice of Melody (1899)

Little Branches No. 3 (1899)

The New Church Choir

No. 1 (1899)
No. 2 (1902)

All Hail (1900)

New Sacred Anthems for the Church Choir (1900)

Twentieth Century Songs (1900)

The Master’s Call (1901)

Fillmores’ Women’s Choir, Nos. 1-3 (1901)

Joyful Praise (1902)

Living Praise

No. 1 (1902)
No. 2 (1906)

Hymns That Help (1903)

Joyful Anthems for the Church Choir (1904)

Sacred Songs for Men (1904)

Jubilant Voices (1905)

Song Praises (1906)

Praise and Service (1907)

Loyal Praise (1907)

Alexander’s New Revival Hymns (1907)

The Gospel Chorus (1907)

The Victory (1908)

Epworth Praises (1909)

Sing Unto the Lord (1909)

Rodeheaver-Ackley Chorus Collection (191-?)

Sunday School Voices

No. 1 (1910)
No. 2 (1913)

Songs for Men (1913)

Thirty-Two New Gospel Songs (1913)

Our Choice (1913)

Gospel Songs for Men (1914)

Sixty-Four New Gospel Songs (1914)

Songs for Service (1915)

Rainbow Songs (1916)

Awakening Songs (ca. 1917)

Gospel Hymns and Songs (1917)

Rodeheaver’s Sunday School Songs (ca. 1917)

Rodeheaver’s Gospel Songs (1922)

Golden Bells (1923)

Song Sunbeams (1923)

Victorious Service Songs (1925)

Gabriel’s Gospel Songs for Women (1927)

Other Works:

The Deep, Deep Sea: Ballad (1880)

Little Snow White Hands: Song and Chorus (1880)

When the Clouds Go Rolling By (1882)

Voices Among the Trees: Idyl (1883)

Murmuring Breezes: Reverie (1884)

A Visit to Grandpa: A Juvenile Cantata (1890)

How We Waited for Santa Claus: Juvenile Cantata for Christmas (1891)

The Merry Milkmaids: An Amateur Operetta in Two Parts (1891)

Beyond the Shadows (1893)

Santa Claus is Coming: Juvenile Cantata for Christmas Time (1893)

The Happy Family of Father Time: A Juvenile Cantata (1893)

Children’s Day Service (1893)

A Day in the Woods: A Juvenile Cantata (1893)

A Plantation Lullaby: For Mixed Voices (1894)

Santa Claus on Time: A Christmas Cantata (1894)

The Prophet of Nazareth: A Scripture Oratorio-Cantata (1894)

Santa Claus’s Arrival: A Cantata for Christmas (1895)

Robertson’s Folly (1896)

My Mackina (1896)

The Merry Cyclers, or Love the Golden Key: An Operetta in Two Parts (1896)

Come Sail the Waters with Me: Concert Quartet for Mixed Voices (1897)

David, King of Israel: A Scripture Oratorio-Cantata (1897)

Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush: Song & Chorus (1897)

Bethlehem: A Scripture Oratorio-Cantata (1898)

Christmas Light and Life: A Christmas Service (1899)

The Nazarene: A Sacred Cantata (1899)

Pauline, or, An Eventful Day: An Amateur Operetta (1899)

The Brownie Band: A Juvenile Cantata (1899)

Our Eyes Shall Behold Him (1900)

Sabbath (1900)

All Hail to Santa Claus, A Juvenile Cantata for Christmas (1900)

Saul, King of Israel: A Dramatic Cantata (1901)

Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Dollar Organ Method (1901)

Christmas Lullaby for Mixed Voices (1902)

Santa Claus’ Greeting: A Juvenile Cantata (1903)

Songs and Lullabies (1904)

Old Kriss Kringle: A Children’s Christmas Cantata (1904)

Angels Teach Me: Solo for Baritone (1905)

Won’t You Lub Me Honey (1905)

The Yule-Tide Story: A Christmas Service (1906)

The Prince of Israel: A Christmas Cantata (1906)

The Sweetest Story Ever Told: A Christmas Service (1907)

Gates of Glory: A Christmas Concert (1907)

The Shepherd King: A Christmas Oratorio-Cantata (1908)

Hail the King: A Christmas Service (1908)

A Loyal Santa Claus: A Christmas Cantata (1909)

Christmas Praises: A Christmas Service (1909)

The Conqueror: An Easter Oratorio-Cantata (1909)

Holy Night: A Christmas Cantata (1909)

June-Time Blossoms: A Children’s Day Service (1910)

Nobody Like Jesus (1911)

An Evening Prayer (1911)

Old Black Sam: A Vision of Slavery Days (1912)

A Rainbow on a Cloud (1914)

The Slighted Stranger and Other Poems (1915)

Columbia’s Song (1917)

The Same Old Flag (1917)

We’re goin’ ter git th’ Kaiser, we, yankee doodle yankees! (1917)

They Have Called Us to the Colors (1917)

When I Look in His Face: Sacred Song for Two Voices (1917)

God Will (1917)

The Colors That Will Not Run (1918)

The Old Red, White, and Blue (1918)

Keep the Glow in Glory (1918)

When the Boys Come Home (1918)

Coming Home (1918)

Should the Stars in Your Service Flag Turn to Gold (1918)

Keeping the Shine in Old Glory (1918)

Sons of America (1918)

He Shall Feed His Flock: Sacred Song (1918)

To the Blue and Gray on the Fields of France (1918)

We’ll Be with You Over There (1918)

Goodby France! Hello Miss Liberty! (1919)

My Mother (1923)

Jesus Lives: An Easter Cantata (1924)

The New-Born King: A Christmas Cantata (1925)

See also:

The Gospel Choir: A Monthly Journal (1915–)

Rodeheaver Recitations for Sunday Schools (1916)

Church Music of Yesterday, To-day and for To-morrow (1921)

Dorothy Webb: A Story of Innocence, Credulity, Friendship, Parental Grief, and Paternal Love (1924)

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