Folliott Pierpoint

7 October 1835–10 March 1917

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For the beauty of the earth

Collections of Hymns & Poems:

Chalice of Nature and Other Poems (1855): WorldCat

Songs of Love, the Chalice of Nature, and Lyra Jesu (1858): WorldCat

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The Hymnal Noted, with appendix (1863/1865)
[Dearmer and others: “author of the Hymns for the Canonical Hours in the Hymnal Noted”]

Lyra Eucharistica, 1st ed. (1863): PDF / 2nd ed. (1864): PDF

The Churchman’s Companion (London): WorldCat

“The Vineyard of the Lord,” in The Musical Times, vol. 49, no. 785 (July 1908): PDF

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Folliott Sandford Pierpoint at

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