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Fisk Jubilee Singers

Fisk Jubilee Singers, in The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with Their Songs, ed. J.B.T. Marsh (London, 1875).

Featured Songs:

Go, tell it on the mountain
Ride on, King Jesus
Swing low, sweet chariot
There is a balm in Gilead
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

Collections of Spirituals:

Note: Many of these collections had multiple printings; only the first printings of different editions are listed here. For more detail and an index of songs, see Southern & Wright (1990).

Jubilee Songs as Sung by the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University (24 songs, 32 pp., NY, 1872): PDF

Jubilee Songs Complete, as Sung by the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University (61 songs, 64 pp., NY, 1872): U. Wisconsin

The Jubilee Singers and Their Campaign for Twenty Thousand Dollars, ed. Gustavus Pike (61 songs, 221 pp., Boston, 1873): PDF

Slave Songs of the Jubilee Singers (66 songs, 68 pp., London, 1874): WorldCat

The Singing Campaign for Ten Thousand Pounds, ed. Gustavus Pike (71 songs, 274 pp., NY, 1875): PDF

The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with Their Songs, ed. J.B.T. Marsh (227 pp., London, 1875): WorldCat

The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with Their Songs, ed. J.B.T. Marsh, 2nd ed. (104 songs, 232 pp., London, 1875): PDF (1876)

The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with Their Songs, ed. J.B.T. Marsh, 6th ed. (112 songs, 248 pp., London, 1876): PDF (1877)

The Story of the Jubilee Singers, with Their Songs, ed. J.B.T. Marsh, rev. ed. (128 songs, 265 pp., NY, 1883): HathiTrust

The Story of the Jubilee Singers by J.B.T. Marsh, with Supplement, ed. F.J. Loudin, new ed. (139 songs, 311 pp., Clevelend, 1892): WorldCat

New Jubilee Songs as Sung by the Fisk Jubilee Singers, ed. F.J. Work (47 songs, Nashville, ca. 1902): WorldCat

Folk Songs of the American Negro, ed. F.J. Work

Volume 1 (91 songs, 96 pp., Nashville, 1907): PDF
Volume 2 (59 songs, 64 pp., Nashville, 1907): PDF

Folk Song of the American Negro, ed. F.J. Work (64 songs, 132 pp., Nashville, 1915): PDF

American Negro Songs, ed. John W. Work (230 songs, 259 pp., NY, 1940): WorldCat


Henrietta Myers Collection on the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Library of Congress:

John Wesley Work III Papers, 1915-1971, Library of Congress:

Adam Knight Spence and John Wesley Work Collection, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library:

Fisk University Archives & Special Collections:


Fisk Jubilee Singers in Chronological Order (Document Records, 1997)

Volume 1 (1909–1911): Amazon
Volume 2 (1915–1920): Amazon
Volume 3 (1924–1940): Amazon

The Gold and Blue Album, dir. John W. Work (Folkways Records, 1955): Amazon

Spirituals in Hi-Fi: Concert in Paris (1958): WorldCat

Jubilee: A Musical Tribute to Fisk University Live (Rejoice, 1985): WorldCat

Fisk University Jubilee Singers (Warner Bros., 1993): WorldCat

Rise, Shine!: The Fisk Jubilee Singers Live in Concert (Fisk, 1999): WorldCat

In Bright Mansions (Curb Records, 2003): Amazon

Sacred Journey (Curb Records, 2007): Amazon

There Breathes a Hope: The legacy of John Work II and His Fisk Jubilee Quartet, 1909-1916 (Archeophone Records, 2010): Amazon

Roll Jordan Roll (Suncoast Music, 2015): Amazon

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Related Resources:

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