E.O. Excell

Edwin Othello Excell

13 December 1851–10 June 1921

The hearts of millions of singers who have sung the gospel under the direction of E.O. Excell during the last fifty years, will throb with sorrow to learn that he has laid down his baton, finished his work and gone on to join the great chorus which no man can number. His last work was with Gipsy Smith, in Louisville, Ky., in the midst of which he was obliged to quit his labor and return home. After more than thirty weeks in Wesley Hospital, Chicago, he answered to the call of the Great Reaper and at 9 o’clock in the evening of June 10, he fell asleep.

Mr. Excell was the last one of the old line of singing evangelists, and a more successful leader never lived. He labored with many of the most famous evangelists from the early days of D. L. Moody to the present time. For twenty years he was associated with Rev. Sam P. Jones. His was a voice of marvelous range and power, extending from low C to G above, and of a quality seldom heard. The echo of its sympathetic tone will linger in the memory of many thousands of people who have heard him sing, and will be spoken of to generations yet to be.

He was heard for the last time in the chapel of the hospital on Sunday afternoon, January 16. Sitting in a wheelchair he sang as a solo, “It Is Jesus,” with wonderful effect. To close the service the writer sang with him, “Beautiful Isle.” No longer to him is that land a vague “somewhere”; he has discovered and landed upon its shores.

For nearly forty years the writer knew Mr. Excell intimately, and a bond of friendship was forged between us that even death cannot break, for I knew him as he was, and as few others knew him, and I shall miss him as few others can miss him. The few more miles of the journey of life that remain to be traveled will be just a little rougher and uninteresting because of his passing.

by Charles H. Gabriel
Moody Bible Institute Monthly (August 1921)

E.O. Excell, in George C. Stebbins, Reminiscences and Gospel Hymn Stories (Northfield, MA: 1924).

In the passing of Mr. E.O. Excell on June 10, 1921, evangelism, as represented by its leaders, singers, writers, and publishers of Gospel songs, lost one of its most prominent figures. No man in the history of modern sacred song possessed the combination of leader, singer, writer, and publisher to the degree of success as did Mr. E. O. Excell, or stood higher in the estimation of his contempora­ries. He had a marvelous voice range, extending from low C to G above, and of a quality and power seldom heard. As a leader he was the peer of any one in the field during the years of his activities.

I met him for the first time in San Francisco in 1889, when he was with Sam Jones conducting a series of meetings. Of his hymns that have become known around the world, and everywhere loved, may be mentioned the following: “Let Him In,” “God Calling Yet,” “Scatter Sunshine,” “Count Your Blessings,” “Since I Have Been Redeemed,” etc.

His father, the Reverend J.J. Excell, was a minister of the German Reformed Church, and a good singer, it is said. Mr. Excell spent some years at the trade of a mason and brick layer, where it may be assumed he acquired his strong physique, which was a notable characteristic of his personality. His passion for music led him out of this work at the age of twenty, when he began teaching country singing schools.

He labored with many of the most famous evangelists, and for twenty years was associated with the Reverend Sam Jones. His last work was with Gipsy Smith in Louisville, Kentucky, in the midst of which he was obliged to stop his labor and return home. After more than thirty weeks in Wesley Hospital he answered the call of the Great Reaper, June 10, 1921. He was born in Stark County, Ohio, December 13, 1851.

by George Stebbins
Reminiscences and Gospel Hymn Stories (1924)

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