E.O. Excell

Edwin Othello Excell

13 December 1851–10 June 1921

E.O. Excell, in George C. Stebbins, Reminiscences and Gospel Hymn Stories (Northfield, MA: 1924).

Featured Hymns:

Count Your Blessings

Publications of Hymns:

Sacred Echoes (1880): WorldCat
Herald of Praise (1880): WorldCat
Cheering Songs (1881): WorldCat
Sacred Echoes and Songs of My Redeemer (1881): WorldCat
Sing the Gospel (ca. 1882): WorldCat
Echoes of Eden (1884): WorldCat
The Gospel in Song (1885): PDF
Hymns and Spiritual Songs (1885): WorldCat
Triumphant Songs (1887): WorldCat
Triumphant Songs No. 2 (1889): PDF
Excell’s Anthems for Choir (4 vols., 1888-1893): WorldCat
Farmers’ Alliance Songs (1890): WorldCat
Triumphant Songs No. 3 (1892): PDF
Excell’s School Songs Nos. 1-2 (1892): PDF
Children’s Day Service (ca. 1893): WorldCat
Triumphant Songs No. 4 (1894): PDF
Triumphant Songs No. 5 (1896): PDF
Songs for Young People (1897): PDF
Excellent Songs for the Church (1898): PDF
Excell’s School Songs No. 3 (1898): WorldCat
The Gospel Hymnal (1899): PDF
Make His Praise Glorious (1900): PDF
Excell’s School Songs No. 4 (1901): WorldCat
International Praise (1902): PDF
Revival Songs (1902): WorldCat
Revival Songs No. 2 (1903): WorldCat
The Soloist (1903): WorldCat
Twenty-Five Anthems (1903): WorldCat
Praises (1905): PDF
Excell’s Male Voices (1905): WorldCat
Winona Hymns (1906): PDF
Famous Gospel Hymns (1907): PDF
Glorious Hymns (1908): PDF
Jubilant Praise (1909): PDF
Ministry in Song (1909): WorldCat
Men’s Bible Class Songs (1909): WorldCat
Christian Gospel Hymns (1909): PDF
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Very Best Songs for the Sunday School (1911): Wisconsin
Make Christ King (1912): PDF
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Crowns of Rejoicing (1913): WorldCat
Diadems (1913): WorldCat
Select Hymns and Psalms (1914): PDF
Inspiring Hymns (1914): HathiTrust
McEwan’s Song Evangel (1914): WorldCat
New Make Christ King (1914): PDF
Flying Squadron Temperance Songs (1914): WorldCat
Carmina Sacra (1914): WorldCat
Joy to the World (1915): PDF
Crowns (1915): WorldCat
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New Praiseworthy (1916): PDF
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Hymns and Sacred Songs (1918): PDF
Songs of Hope (1919): PDF
Fifty Favorite Home Songs (1920): WorldCat
Songs of Salvation and Service (1916, rev. 1920): PDF

The Excell Hymnal (1925): WorldCat
Songs of Evangelism (1925): WorldCat
Excell’s Male Quartets and Choruses (1925): WorldCat

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