Edward John Hopkins

30 June 1818–4 February 1901

Edward J. Hopkins, in Charles William Pearce, The Life and Works of Edward John Hopkins (ca. 1910).

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Collections of Hymns & Tunes:

Congregational Church Music (1856): WorldCat

Congregational Hymn and Tune Book, 3rd ed. (1862): WorldCat

The Temple Church Choral Service Book

1st edition (1867): WorldCat
2nd edition (1869): PDF
(1880): WorldCat

The Parochial Psalter and Hymn Book

1st edition (ca. 1870): WorldCat
New and enlarged (ca. 1880): WorldCat

A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People Called Methodists (1876): WorldCat

A Short Selection of Hymns; with Appropriate Tunes (ca. 1880): WorldCat

Hymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (1881): WorldCat

The Free Church Hymn Book with Tunes (1882): WorldCat

Church Praise (1883): HathiTrust

The Scottish Psalter (1883): WorldCat

Congregational Church Hymnal (1887): WorldCat

Other Publications:

The Organ: Its History and Construction (with Edward Rimbault)

1st edition (1855): Archive.org
2nd edition (1870): Archive.org
3rd edition (1877): Google Books

“Organ,” A Dictionary of Music & Musicians, ed. George Grove, vol. 2 (1880), pp. 573-608: Archive.org

The Organ of the Temple Church in 1688 and 1888 (1888): WorldCat

The Organist and Choirmaster (1893–1901)


Hymn Tunes, ed. William H. Stocks (1901): WorldCat

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