Claudia Frances (Ibotson) Hernaman 

19 October 1838–10 October 1898

Featured Hymns:

Lord, who throughout these forty days

Collections of Hymns & Poems:

The Child’s Book of Praise

[words] (1873): WorldCat
Appendix (1873/4): WorldCat
with Accompanying Tunes (1879): WorldCat
reviewed in The Musical Times, vol. 21, no. 443 (1 Jan. 1880), p. 33: JSTOR

“Angels singing, church bells ringing,” Christmas carol, music by F.A. Gore Ouseley (1876): [Reviewed] (JSTOR)

“Angels singing, church bells ringing,” Christmas carol, music by James Eckersley (1879): WorldCat

The Story of the Resurrection (1879): WorldCat

Christmas Story (1881)

The Altar Hymnal

words-only (1884): WorldCat
with music (1885): WorldCat

Christmas Carols for Children

[1st Series] (1884): WorldCat
New Series (1885): WorldCat

The Way of the Cross (1885)

Hymns for the Seven Words from the Cross (1885)

The Crown of Life (1886): WorldCat

see also:

Church Times

Hymns for the Children of the Church (1878): WorldCat

Children’s Hymn Book (Brock/How, 1881): WorldCat

Children’s Service Book (M. Woodward, 1883): WorldCat

Hymns for the Little Ones in Sunday Schools (1884): WorldCat

Other Published Works:

Lyra Consolationis: From the poets of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (1890):

The Conversion and Martyrdom of St Alban: a Sacred Drama (1891)

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