Claudia Frances (Ibotson) Hernaman 

19 October 1838–10 October 1898

CLAUDIA FRANCES HERNAMAN, née IBOTSON, was born at Addlestone, Surrey, October 19, 1838. Her husband, to whom she was married in September, 1858, the Rev. J.W.D. Hernaman, was an Inspector of Schools. Besides being the writer of many original hymns, she did good work as a translator from the Latin. Some of her translations may be seen in The Altar Hymnal (1884). “This is a day of gladness” was written for Girls’ Friendly Societies, and is included in Mrs. Brock’s Children’s Hymn Book. Mrs. Hernaman died October 10, 1898.

by John Brownlie
The Hymns and Hymn Writers of the Church Hymnary (1911)

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Lord, who throughout these forty days

Collections of Hymns & Poems:

The Child’s Book of Praise

[words] (1873): WorldCat
Appendix (1873/4): WorldCat
with Accompanying Tunes (1879): WorldCat
reviewed in The Musical Times, vol. 21, no. 443 (1 Jan. 1880), p. 33: JSTOR

“Angels singing, church bells ringing,” Christmas carol, music by F.A. Gore Ouseley (1876): [Reviewed] (JSTOR)

“Angels singing, church bells ringing,” Christmas carol, music by James Eckersley (1879): WorldCat

The Story of the Resurrection (1879): WorldCat

Christmas Story (1881)

The Altar Hymnal

words-only (1884): WorldCat
with music (1885): WorldCat

Christmas Carols for Children

[1st Series] (1884): WorldCat
New Series (1885): WorldCat

The Way of the Cross (1885)

Hymns for the Seven Words from the Cross (1885)

The Crown of Life (1886): WorldCat

see also:

Church Times

Hymns for the Children of the Church (1878): WorldCat

Children’s Hymn Book (Brock/How, 1881): WorldCat

Children’s Service Book (M. Woodward, 1883): WorldCat

Hymns for the Little Ones in Sunday Schools (1884): WorldCat

Other Published Works:

Lyra Consolationis: From the poets of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (1890):

The Conversion and Martyrdom of St Alban: a Sacred Drama (1891)

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