Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Christina Rossetti, in William Michael Rossetti, The Family Letters of Christina Georgina Rossetti (London: Brown, Langham & Co., 1908).

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Love came down at Christmas

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To My Mother on the Anniversary of Her Birth (1842): WorldCat

Verses (1847): WorldCat

Goblin Market and Other Poems

1st ed. (1862): PDF
2nd ed. (1865): PDF
New ed. with Prince’s Progress, etc. (1875): PDF
Illustrated by L. Housman (1893): WorldCat

The Prince’s Progress, and Other Poems (1866): PDF

Commonplace, and Other Short Stories (1870): PDF

Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book

1st ed. (1872): WorldCat
— (1893): PDF

Speaking Likenesses (1874): PDF

Annus Domini: A Prayer for Each Day of the Year (1875): WorldCat

Seek and Find (1879): PDF

A Pageant and Other Poems (1881): PDF

Called to Be Saints (1881): PDF

Letter and Spirit: Notes on the Commandments (1883): PDF

Time Flies (1885): PDF

The Face of the Deep (1892): PDF

New Poems: Hitherto Unpublished or Uncollected (1896): PDF

Maude: A Story for Girls (1897): HathiTrust

see also:

The Germ (1850 / 1901): PDF

“Up-Hill” in MacMillan’s Magazine (Feb. 1861): HathiTrust

Poems: An Offering to Lancashire, ed. Isa Craig (1863): HathiTrust

Lyra Eucharistica, ed. Orby Shipley (1st ed., 1863): PDF | (2nd ed.): PDF
Lyra Messianica,
ed. Orby Shipley (1864): PDF
Lyra Mystica,
ed. Orby Shipley (1865): PDF

Children’s Hymn Book, ed. Wm. How, Mrs. C. Brock (1881): HathiTrust

The Athenaeum : HathiTrust



1st ed. (?)
American ed. (Boston, 1866): PDF
American ed., rev. & enl. (1876): PDF
New & enl. (London, 1890):

Verses (1893): PDF

Poetical Works, ed. William Michael Rossetti (1904):

The Complete Poems of Christina Rossetti, ed. Rebecca W. Crump, 3 vols. (Louisiana State University, 1979-1990).

The Letters of Christina Rossetti, ed. Antony H. Harrison, 4 vols. (Univ. Press of Virginia, 1997-2004)


For a list of MS holdings in multiple libraries, see the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and add the Christina Rossetti collection, Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library:

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Christina Georgina Rossetti,