Catherine Winkworth


Catherine Winkworth, from Hymns Ancient & Modern Historical Edition (1909).

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God, who madest earth and heaven
Now thank we all our God
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Collections of Hymns:

Lyra Germanica [Songs for the Household]

1st series, 1st ed. (1855): PDF
1st series, 2nd ed. (1856): PDF
1st series, New ed. (1866): PDF

2nd series, 1st ed. (1858): PDF
2nd series, 6th ed. (1865): PDF
2nd series, Illustrated (1868): PDF
2nd series, 8th ed. (1872): PDF

Chorale Book for England

1st ed. (1863): PDF
with Supplement (1865): PDF

Christian Singers of Germany (1869): PDF

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